I.R. Ready2fly in IMC (a/k/a PASSED the IR Checkride!!)


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This is going to be a quick one. I'll post the full-banger when I get back from vacation next week:

Passed the I.R. checkride today!! FINALLY!! For those of you who have been following my ongoing pursuit of this rating - all I can say is that it was worth the wait!!

My (new) CFI had me EXTREMELY well prepared for the flying aspect and I spent literally months with my nose in the books preparing myself for the knowledge end.

I am extremely - EXTREMELY drained and look forward to the week my wife and I are spending in the Bahamas!!

I'll post the whole story next week in the checkride forum.

For those of you who have lent your support - you know who you are - THANK YOU!!!

Good luck to all those in training (and to all you guys who are "living the dream
at whatever level)!!

See you next week!!

(okay -so sue me - it wasn't THAT short


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Great news! Well done.

I am getting pretty close to booking my IR checkride.. so I know what you mean about being drained

Enjoy your break, you deserve it.


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Awesome, man!!!! Congrats, we're all proud of you!!! Have fun on vacation, and don't forget to take a few moments every hour while you're gone to take out that ticket and read it...it's yours!!!


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Congrats! I can remember being in the same position. The instrument is a lot of fun but very demanding. It felt so nice to get it over with. Not a bad little treat being able to go to the Bahamas and all! Congrats again and enjoy the trip!


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Good job. I think I slept for about 12 hours the night after I passed. Of course my ol friend Guinness (four pints actually) assisted in the celebration. So hoist one and enjoy.


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Congrats dude, great feeling of accomplishment isn't it?

Have fun gettin' sunburned!


John Herreshoff


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<font color="red">Awsome Job </font> Man. I knew you'd pass the ride.
U better not forget about the check-ride Details!!!

P.s. Don't worry.. I'll catch up with ya sooner or later.

hopefully before the middle of Winter
.I'm sure by then you'll have the Comm rating in your wallet!!

Hey R2F. Good Job. I'm sure the Vacation will do you some good !!

P.s Your Showing these 60k ACME students that it can still be done through a simple FBO with a good CFI. Plus it's going to cost you 50% less. Same time(slow,fast it's up to you), Same Ratings, Same Experience/Knowledege. Oh.. and less stress!!! ( okay I'm done now )

P.s # 2 <font color="blue"> You Da Man R2F
Fly Safely..


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THANKS to everyone!!!

The full-bangar summary of the ride is over in the checkride forum. Go check it out when you have time.

Are you flying yourself to the Bahamas?

[/ QUOTE ]
HECK NAW!! Couldn't afford the plane for that long.
Took a cruise. If you've never taken one - I HIGHLY recommend it!!

Back to the grind for now.

Taking a couple of weeks off from training to re-charge the batteries.