How was your 2003?


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Well, now that the year is coming to a was it for everyone? What were the goods and the bads? Most memorable flights? How many hours did you fly? How many states did you get to? How many students did you sign off? You know...all that good stuff.

Happy Holidays!

P.S.- This new polling ability is cool!
I did over 200 hours this year. Got my instrument, Commercial (both multi) and just about had my initial CFI-AMEL (MEI) before the year's end. Most memorable flight was the St. Louis trip (got my first actual and most of that was solo IMC!). Helped with the care pack drive. Designed the JC Crawl t-shirt. But, best of all, my brother and a close friend get hired on to a local police force.

Overall, I'd say about a 7 or 8 out of 10. I can't complain too much I guess.
I flew around 160 hours this year. Got my IR and my PPMEL. ALMOST had the Comm's out of the way.

2004 will ROCK!
I flew about 150 hours this year (not much
) and only wrote off 6 students (all private VFR). I did however get my CFII rating this year so I cant say it was all bad. This next year I am really gunna hopefully get up to 200-300 hours, like I did consecutively a couple years ago. I am still young/mid 20's so I have plenty of time and I'm inching towards 1000 hours (about 900) so hopefully this time next year I'll be filling out a few applications.
I finished my PPASEL then my PPASES right at the end of '02, so the only new rating I added in '03 was the IA.

This year I flew right at 160 hours.

Memorable flights? My first ever trip into IMC with my CFI, all of my instrument training for that matter (really enjoyed it). Doing my tailwheel endorsement in New Mexico and getting to land on a dirt/sand strip in the mountains. The 767 sim session. The CJ1 trip I got to ride along right seat on. My first real post-IFR training cross country in IMC.

Next year? hopefully more of the same. get the CSEL finished off at the beginning of the year and do the CMEL. Hopefully have what could be my first flying gig actually come to fruition. And perhaps later in the year start the CFIs.

But, whatever next year brings it'll be fun. I thank my lucky stars every day that I've been blessed with the opportunity to be able to do this. This is the time of year where we help those that are less fortunate than us, and seeing the situation that, for instance, my company's 'adopt-a-family' family is in really makes me realize how unimportant it is that my last flight lesson got cancelled for mx.

Happy new year everyone.

I flew less than 200 hours this year, which stinks. No new ratings (have them all save ATP and not getting to 1500 any faster). Did a little contract instructing this year, but didn't sign anybody off for anything.

Well, technically I did get a "new" rating ... I renewed my CFI at the FSDO. Guess that's something.

I FINALLY got my private... hope to add on my instrument and a significant amount of hours in '04.
I flew around 600hrs this year, but all of it was single engine (at least most was H.P. & Complex). Flew with maybe 15 students and did 6 BFR’s. Other than a two stuck landing gear events it was a pretty mellow year.
earned my ppl in June '03 staerted IR training in August. It had been progressing well until yesterday and I had a huge brainfrat and dialed in a VOR freq. when I was shooting an ILS approach. Other than that it was great.
Hey Kristie,

You could just check the boxes for '0-200,' 'Not a CFI,' and 'None' like I had to do. I'm hoping to end this year with a PPL and Instrument rating and be living in Anchorage. We'll see.

BTW, does anyone know why the percentages don't add up?

I flew around 150 hours and got my student lisence this year and a couple quick of solo's.
Had fun this summer playin' with Tstorms in the MU2 and Navajo, then one day did have a gear come down and storms on our tail. That's the one that I think about the most. And 10 state's total.
I flew 85 hours this year and i just got my insturment rating this past sunday. Favorite flight was the first one into actual IFR. Next year should get the commercial and the multi.

Merry Christmas!
2003 was an interesting year to say the least!

To back track just a tad . . . I started flight training in 2002, called to schedule an intro flight about an hour before the plane crash in MN w/ Sen. Paul Wellstone (and I'm a Poli Sci major)--and my first flight was on Halloween . . . good omans, right?

Back to 2003 -- Started my final semester of college. Attempted to progress my PPL training with flights here and there between the really harsh winter with lots of snow.

Uncle Sam pulled me away from school and flying in March for a 5-month activation and deployment -- fiance wasn't too pleased, but was able to pay off my car when I returned (2002 Nissan Sentra, 4-year loan, paid off in 1-year 8-months). Still on active duty, finished up training and in October took the checkride.

Ratings: Private ASEL
Hours: 60.2 in 2003, enjoying the Private for a bit before moving on.

2004 . . . looks to be promising . . . military/civilian training depending on some stuff . . . Wedding in July
Good thread! Flew 140; learned how to fly instruments, got the commercial cert; complex sign off; flew some aerobatics; learned a ton of new stuff as usual... and am darn close to the CFI ride (ASAP after Jan 1, just waiting on the DE's call!
Flew around 175 hours. Went on trips to St. Petersburg, FL, New York City, Oshkosh for Airventure, and Cincinati, OH. Got my instrument rating in Dec of 2002, Then got my commercial single engine, and my commercial multi engine this year. Early next year I should have my CFI.
2003 was ok for me. I still really haven't started my flight training yet
. I got a whole 7 hours when I went to a summer program at ERAU-Prescott. The CFI let me land the 152 at KVGT, which was AMAZING! Anyway, I also got accepted to Purdue University, and plan on attending there in the fall and studying aviation managment. There I am going to work on getting my ratings on the side. I'm still not sure If I want to be a professional pilot, or work in the managment side of things. I'm just gonna see where the road takes me!