Gulfstream, Eagle-jet, Ameriflight...oh my!


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after the huge ameriflight discussion i was wondering.

would being legitimately hired (actually applying, interviewing and being paid to work there) by amerflight or gulfstream be a scar on a pilots record for future interviews with other operators because of their use of PFT programs?
No, At least not with Ameriflight. They're the only carrier I know anything about. Ameriflight is very legitimate and a very reputable enty-level job. Hell, those guys fly Metros and 1900's single pilot without an autopilot all over the place. I hand it to 'em!
However, Gulfstream has a stigma. I don't know how that would be looked at. If it were up to me and I saw Gulfstream on the resume and had tons of other great resumes, I'd probably toss that one aside. That's just me. I don't know anything at all about Eaglejet.
If you were hired as PIC it wouldn't be a problem at all, I don't think any of those companies actually hire any SIC pilots - they just sell those seats
Eagle Jet is the name for Ameriflights PFRSMTT (pay for right seat multi turbine time) program. This isn't traditional PFT, a la Gulfstream and personally, I have no problem with folks that choose the Ameriflight scheme. It could be a good way for a guy who has good total time but is short on multi to put time in the logbook. It's not the greatest way to build time but it's better than sitting there with 5 hours logged multi and 1200 hours total. Problem is, if you log time through any time building scheme, it sticks out in your logbook and everyone will know how you got it. All you can do is hope that some interviewers just won't care. Plus, maybe going through the program would give you a leg up at getting hired at Ameriflight. Ameriflight used to say they were the biggest 135 operation in the USA...not sure if that's still true but there is a lot of opportunity there to build quality flight experience. I know that UPS has hired some Amflight pilots in the past.

The difference between Gulfsteam and the Amflight scheme, in my view, is that you are not a required crewmember at Amflight. At Gulfstream, you are paying a fee to sit in a seat that would normally be occupied by a paid crewmember. The last signal we want to be sending management in this day and age is that we, as the professional piloting community, are willing to be a revenue source for an airline.
No way on could look down on a 135 freight pilot. These are some of the sharpest guys out there.