Gulf Coast


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My current job will be coming to an end this summer so I'm sending out the feelers to see if there might be anywhere on the Gulf Coast I could hang my hat for a bit. Basically anywhere between New Orleans and Pensacola.

I’ll be sitting around 2700TT, 1000ME, all PIC, 0 Turbine, CMEL. I’ve also got a little bit of 135 experience. I’ve spent gobs of time on the road the last several years so I’d like a change of pace and spend some time at home for a change.

I’ve been able to dig up a little bit on a couple local 135 outfits and I know AirNet runs a 210 between Mobile and BHM, although I’m not sure how viable that would be since they’ll place you somewhere as needed. There is a 135 pax startup that flies C208s out of Lake Front in NO…Southern Airways Express…anyone have the down low on this place?

If anyone is familiar with the area or has some tips/pointers/leads/suggestions, all are welcome!
I thought I saw that Imagine was hiring. They have a DTS base. Or you could get picked up by any of the regionals easily...
Thanks, I'd jump on Imagine Air but DTS is a little too far from where I'm at. I believe they want you to live within 90 minutes of your base and DTS is quite a bit more than that for me.....maybe they'll open up another base a little closer to me in the future. The regional lifestyle is not something I'm real keen on so I'm not putting much consideration into that