Free books! from one starving pilot to another


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I've got a few books sitting around that I don't need, so if anyone's interested, PM me...they're yours for the asking (and the postage).

For student Pilots:

ASA Private Oral Exam Guide (Current 7th Edition. Just like new)

ASA Private Pilot Test Prep 2003 (with computer supplement. In great shape except I "stared" the questions I wanted to review and spilled a little coffee on the cover of the supplement)

Jeppesen Private Pilot Maneuvers Manual (like new)

For Glider Pilots (these are older books but in great shape)

Cloud Dancing by Robert F Whelan

Winning on the Wind by George Moffat

Schweizer Soaring School Manual

Soaring by Dan Halacy

For Anyone

AOPA 2003-2004 Airport Directory (never been used)

I don't know how much value this is to anyone since it's free with an AOPA membership, but I saw them for sale in Sporty's so if there's someone out there who wants it...


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Thanks to all those who replied...everything was snatched up in about half an hour. Sorry if you missed out.

To those lucky winners: be sure to e-mail me and let me know where you'd like them mailed.