For all you lucky CFI's


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For all you lucky CFI\'s

I have read "Aviation Instructors Handbook", "Airplane Flying Handbook", and "Pilot's Handbook
of Aeronautical Knowledge" there anything else you guys read to prepare you for the CFI checkride?

I'm finding that the hardest part about this rating is talking while flying. Sometimes the words don't
come to mind and I get choked up while attempting to explain things.
Any advice or tricks you know are welcome!
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As you’re well aware, I am not a CFI, but I do have some advice to give… Remember the ole’ student pilot days? You know, the early days when we all struggled with simple radio communication while valiantly attempting to hold the airplane in straight and level flight! Now, talking on the radio, flying, and doing a whole host of other tasks is all part of it and as I well know, you do a great job! My point is with time and more experience I’m confident that it will all eventually come together just like everything previously has…

Good luck with it and I’m sure you’ll be a great CFI. You seem to have the patience of Job’!
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It does get easier with time and practice. With each student you'll gain a little more confidence and the ability to articulate your thoughts while flying will get more gooder, er..better.

Just remember to do a thorough pre-brief before getting into the airplane. A loud airplane makes for a poor classroom when lengthy discussions are required to understand a concept or maneuver. If your having trouble talking while flying at this point, you can bet the student is having trouble flying and listening to what you have to say.

Keep it simple and to the point.
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I agree 100% with A300capt. Always pre-brief. Sometimes this is gonna seem like a nuisance (eg- student finishes preflight 10 minutes late, plane needs to be back in just over an hour and you still have to give that 20 minute presentation on ground reference manuevers!). It's critical though because without FULLY comprehending something on the ground, the student will be totally lost in the air. Not only that, but you'll have to compensate for the lack of ground instruction by doing an inordinate amount of talking in the air. This leads to my second bit of advice. Although you are encouraged to talk a lot in CFI training, do not talk just for the sake of it. Make sure that what you're saying not only makes sense, but is brief and to the point. I learnt from experience that over-talking may make you feel good in the way that you are giving "plenty of instrcution", but it can really piss off the student at times and be quite detrimental to their progress.
Last bit of advice- Learn all you can from your books! Always remember that being able to fly a plane is only half of being a good pilot, book work and a thorough knowledge of regs, AIM etc... is the other half. Make sure your students know it too.

Good luck with the CFI.
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Mine too. I was scared to death when I had my first student.

But the confidence and the ability to clearly talk comes with experience.
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Yeah I would be too if it was a 78yo Vietanmese man! lol
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Another thing that sounds kind of stupid but helped me out is explain what you're doing throughout the day. I would teach somebody how to drive as I was on my way to the airport. Granted people looked at me funny as I was talking to myself driving down the road. As you're making lunch, talk your way through the process.

By doing this, you practice the art of multi-tasking. We are not born with the ability to pat our heads and rub our tummies. This can be learned by practice. Give it a shot.
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It does get easier, I think it took about 100 hours dual given before I really found my "voice" as an instructor. Not to say I sucked before but my teaching style really changed during that period.

As far as the checkride I recomend a King video. He has one that is just CFI checkride prep. It has all the lame jokes but it is of John taking a CFI intial ride from an actual DE.
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Thanks everyone for the advice. Today while I was driving home I found myself talking through climbs,
turns, and decents!! Hopefully I'll fill my head with as much knowledge as possible and be able to
kick this checkride in the a$$ in early April.