Flying in to Oshkosh


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The NOTAM is printed, the camping gear loaded, everything is set to go. My fourth time attending the convention, but first time flying in. If you see a yellow and red Cessna 140 flying the Fisk VFR arrival tomorrow afternoon, you'll probably be looking at me.

Anyone else flying in? Or driving in, for that matter?

I'm planning to be there until Tuesday evening after the air show ends.

It's always cool meeting other JCers if anyone wants to get together.


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You're braver than I am. I taxi down Interstate 4 when Sun n' Fun comes to my part of the world--the airspace is just a mess: too many weekend warriors flying planes they're unfamiliar with in a preposterously congested chunk of air. That said, a lawn chair under the wing does hold a certain appeal...

Alas I will not make it to Oshkosh this year. Have fun!


Ahh! This is how I change this!
I'll be flying in Monday and leaving on Thursday in a Flight Design CTLS.

popaviator is going to be there as welll


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I'll be working! Stop by the ICON Aircraft tent and look for Matt.

I wish I was flying in! Have a great flight out there.


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I'm flying from Bozeman to Madison in a DA-40 and then renting a car from there. I'm not brave enough yet to actually fly into Oshkosh. Plus the flight school owner does not want me to fly into Oshkosh. Maybe next year. I'm gonna go hit up the Diamond tent and see what the deal with the DA-42 is first hand.


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I'm flying to OSH on Friday with a couple friends.
This will be my second time flying up there and I'm so excited!
However,my CFI/DPE/triple7 Capt who is training me for my inst rating told me today that even with all of his 20k+hrs he would rather drive up there because of not knowing what the other pilot will do and seeing as how the spacing can be as little as 1/2sm.......:panic:

have fun and be safe flying there!!


PS-Where's the parties at there??


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Flying the Fisk arrival is half the fun of going to Oshkosh! Just keep your head on a swivel, follow the NOTAM precisely, listen to the radio without talking, and follow your instructions.

As for the party location, look up the Seaplane Pilots Association. They normally have a corn roast in the later part of the week just south of the field by the ultralight area. (No booze allowed on the airport)

Wish I was going this year, but alas I'm working instead. :(


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I went, I saw, I conquered.

The Fisk arrival when I came in was easy. I came in about 5 o'clock on Sunday night. No holding procedures were in effect. I just flew to Ripon and got in line behind another guy. They told me to enter the pattern for Runway 27, so I did, then they cleared me to land on the green dot, so I did. Simple as that. Smooth like butter!

Now I'm back on my way home. What a blast though! I've decided flying in is the only way to go from now on.


3rd regional in 1 year
well i made it to KSTP. Really cool, Got a Bravo Clearance and got to fly right over KMSP at 3,500 feet. got some good pictures. Tomorrow i'm flying to Madison WI, and renting a car and driving in to Oshkosh.


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Third time to go to Oshkosh for me. Drove in the first two times and flew in on Sunday morning this year. Was a little nervous after hearing all the stories, but it wasnt bad at all. Got in line at Ripon, and just followed the guy ahead of me. Cheated coming out this morning though, Got an IFR slot and came on home. I admit it was nice having the guy pointing out the traffic for me. Either way, I highly recommend it. It is a great feeling when you pull off the runway and stop the engine(s).


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You lucky guys...

I drove in Tuesday, and have driven in for the last 10 years or so.

Next year though, im flying in a rented Cessna 140 for a few days.

I can't wait. :D


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So where's the pics? ;) Don't tell me you didn't get pics...
You know what's strange? I didn't take a single pic the two days I was there.

I've gone to enough events like this now that anything cool I want to see later I just Google and find a million pics way better than I could have taken.

Plus I'm not the type to take pictures of myself standing in front of stuff with a big goofy grin.

And I would have taken pictures of my arrival and departure in my own plane, but I figured it would have been better to look outside and watch for traffic rather than fumble with my camera while flying solo. If I had a passenger with me to be my photographer I would've gotten a lot of pictures of my approach and landing.

But alas, I came home empty-handed. Oh well.


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But alas, I came home empty-handed. Oh well.
lol when ever I go to Sun n fun I always get as much crap as I can! Kinda like a game to see how many stickers, posters and other useless junk you can get


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I flew in there as well in a Piper Mojave. We flew into ATW, just a bit north of OSH. Flew in on Monday and left on Thursday.

Sadly, we departed about 2 hours in front of the Hawker that crashed, and had to deviate along the front course of that same storm.


3rd regional in 1 year
well i just got back. That was A LOT of walking! Probably lost a couple of lbs. Not a bad thing. WOW the F22 Raptor was awesome. The Cirrus jet was way cool to. Did any one else see that ICON float plane. It was really cool. Too much stuff, too little time. My dad is an ultra light guy (he flys a T-Bird) so we had to check out the ultra light stuff. Kind of crappy compared to the GA stuff. I guess they don't have the coin like diamond, cessna, or Cirrus to put on an awesome display. Diamond had a full walk trough, air conditioned room with their G1000 set up and all the stuff about the D-jet which was quite neat as well. I would recommend, to any one who likes planes and has not gone, to at least go once. I probably won't rent a plane from Bozeman to WI next time. Too long for me.