Oshkosh 2018 Pictures.


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Oshkosh number 29 for me, yet my wristband again said I was just 6-18. As is the continual trend towards appeasing the general non-aviation population, the airplanes weren’t really anything special. Most will likely remember 2018 as the year of the Yak 110, or the Turbine Wilga. All sappiness aside, for me it will be the year of JetCareers.

A day before leaving a dude I’d never met, @Nark , said he would pick me up from MKE. So I finished three legs of work flying, hopped on a redeye over from LA, and quickly found myself right seat in his Cessna 185, two professional pilots following the NOTAM to a T, about to pass some idiot in a J3 Cub flying 60 MPH for the last 10 miles of the Fisk Arrival.

It’s always strange when you introduce people to your friends, and they end up fitting in better than yourself. So I left @Nark , and hung out with old friend @CFI A&P . Good times.

Eventually @EIR showed up.

And @mikecweb too.

I even met @Low&Slow , though I was pretty far into the cooler at that point.

It was a good week.

Here are the pictures:

The @Nark -mobile

Landing early because of the idiot J3

I happend to have a uniform piece with me

@Nark fit in with my friends better than I

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Very nice. Drove up on Friday, parked the wife and the kids under the wing of DC-3, ran around said hellos to the homebuilt era friends, watched the airshow and drove home.
Wife demands few days of camping there next year, as well as the more civilized flying in vs driving, so we'll see. Still, better than nothing


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I'm no @Adler, but here are a few photos I took:

Worlds Busiest Control Tower.jpg

Air Tractor 802
Air Tractor.JPG

C-5 Galaxy

C-5 Galaxy engines
C-5 Engines.JPG

B-29 Stratofortress "DOC"


C-130 from Hurlburt Field

F4U Corsair

Fokker D.VII

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@Low&Slow that’s a fantastic set of photos!!
Could you send me a copy of the one of my bird? that’s a Great shot!
Yes, I can do that. No prob.
Hey, thanks for hosting us that night at the airshow and thanks for the beers. You're awesome man, I'm glad we met.


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We'll probably go next year too.
Maybe we can plan to have a JC link-up there? :cool:
Was it the ALPA board (like a plywood thing kind of a board) that various airline folks left their contact info on? Maybe put up a "Italian opera lovers convention" thing there?
Or a GroupMe/WhatsApp group