Flying in Costa Rica


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Ok so in my great quest for finding a job... I've found some operators in Costa Rica that sound interesting but cannot find much about them or any contact info.

Anyone have any information about this region of the world?

Looking for info on:

Aerobell Air Charter
Paradise Air
Nature Air

Thanks much!


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Flew on Nature Air a couple months back...Believe it was from arenall-iberia. Crew was cool as hell. Both had the same layover, and after chatting with them they invited me to lunch. I didn't hear anything from them or see anything of the airplane that I wouldnt trust. Seemed like a nice place.


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The local aviation scene in costa rica is very private, its hard to find info online.

Nature Air is upgrading their fleet to Dornier 228's, and some more newer Dash 6's. They are also looking to get some Dash 8 Q200's.

Sansa Airlines flies Cessna 208 Caravans on the same routes as Nature Air.

Only two or three IFR Certified Airports in Costa Rica. Lots of dirt strips and remore strips off beaches and jungles. Very cool and challenging flying down there.

Must be legal to work in Costa Rica, spanish is not neccesary but recommend it!

And must transfer all FAA licenses over to DGAC, (Costa Rica's FAA)

Most airlines offer an ok pay, and pretty much will have you home every single night. Mostly day flying due to not having lighted runways for the most part of the country.

I'm a Costa Rican local, and hopefully will be going to fly for a costa rican regional in the next year or so.

Times required are usually minimun Commercial , INS, and ME licenses, just like great lakes.

Here are some pictures:

TSA lines at this airports are very fast!



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indeed that looks awesome I'm thinking I should go their and build time and then apply for my dream company. The pay is in US dollar right? How much is it?


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Those are some great pics, from my most favorite country. Okay, I am a U.S. Citizen, but my Wife is a Tica, so Costa Rica is my other home.
The idea has crossed our minds many times of living/flying in Costa Rica.

I have spoken with a TACA pilot at the Juan Santamaria Int'l airport, he was a new hire from Sansa, and very happy about his experience flying in Costa Rica "It is so relaxing" he said.

What a beautiful place. And I just found my new favorite web site. Thanks!


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Great pictures. I don't see the landing strip on the last picture :confused: Hopefully it isn't half-way up the mountain :laff: