Flights Inc. Centennial airport, Denver CO?


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I am looking at switching flight schools from BJC to APA and noticed APA has a new school that looks pretty good. Does anyone out there have any information on Flight's Inc?

I believe it is a pretty new school as I just heard about it a few weeks ago.

Would be great to hear from a student or instructor about experiences there. Are they safe? Good MX? Do they try to give you the rip off and/or overcharge you?

Thanks, Tim
Tim -

I know a very good instructor who teaches out of two schools at APA, possibly Flights Inc. but I'm not certain because one of them recently went through a name change.

He posts here at I will email him to bring this thread to his attention.

Good luck with your training.

Thanks, I would appreciate any info possible. I believe Flights inc may be the school that went through the name change. I think Wings of Denver was bought out by them. From what I hear they had some management problems and I guess they finally threw in the towell a few months ago?

Not quite sure though, thus my questions about the school.

I will be going down there in a few days and checking it out for myself though. I will post my experience for others then... Hopefully its a good one.


Jeff S KTDW PM'd me about this thread. I fly out of Flights, Inc at Centennial.

The organization has been around for over 2 years now. Overall quality of instruction is excellent and the school, independently of the Wings acquisition a few months ago, recently obtained it's 141 Certificate. The aircraft rates are among the best in the area and, from what I know, substantially less than at Jeffco, and the fleet is fairly large. Maintenance is prompt and excellent.

The Flights Inc website is

If you want to, feel free to PM or email me (you can get my address from my web site, and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. I will be away this weekend.
Hey Tim, what is making you switch from McAir Aviation? Did you get your private yet? Fronteir going well?

You really should get back to Jetcareers more often, you have been absent lately.
Hey, sorry, ive been really busy lately. Basically I am looking at switching from Mcair because I will be moving down south and I just cant justify drving by APA to go all the way up to BJC. McAir has some pretty steep prices too but I really like the instruction im getting up there. If anyone up north is looking for an instructor, check out a guy named Troy King at McAir, he has his stuff together.

Frontier is going well, I actually applied and got a new job within the company recently. I now work up in the tower doing weight and balance as a load planning coordinator. Its fun and very challenging. I am finally able to put my degree to work a bit.

Oh yeah, as for the big question, no I didnt get my pivate yet as i ran into some $$ problems back in November but am looking at starting up again soon. Just cant afford $100/hr for a C172 anymore. Am seriously looking at just going to ATP in PHX this fall so there is no rush at this point.

I will try to be around here more often again. I still check it out every few days, just cant seem to find time to post much the past few months.

Take care, Tim