First Solo x-country


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I myself recently made my first solo cross-country flight for my PPL. It was interesting ... a little nerve-wracking actually. The weather briefing I received was far from preparing me for the haze and clouds I was to encounter. Actually the haze I figured as it has been a regular part of summertime flying, but the weather briefing called for clear skies . . . not what I found at all.

Pilotage and Dead Reckoning went out the window as I had trouble making out what was around me except for the immediate area and used the assistance of Approach for vectors. Due to large clouds ahead that made me uncomfortable--navigating around the clouds would have made it extremely difficult to find the airport and I wasn't sure if around the clouds there would be an opening to descend. Approach came on and told me there was an airport 5 miles off to my left--at which point I said that would make me feel better and more comfortable so I diverted.

The way back was much easier--radio navigation to VOR's. My home airport MRB has a VOR and once I got there, 7 clicks to turn on the runway lights, and there she was off to the left. I was going to SHD, but diverted to 8W2. Traveled home by way of LDN VOR to MRB VOR.

Long cross-country today but the weather is very promising . . . well as promising as the weather can be!

All I can say is I love flying and its challenges!