First PPL Cancelled


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First PPL lesson got cancelled today, rescheduled to next week. It was too foggy! Dang it!
Just hang in there - it won't be your last training flight canceled because of weather. But it's all worth it in the end! Have fun!
thats a bust! Where are you located at? I know here in Socal its raining the most it has all season. So, your not the only one.
yeah, and then you'll be wishing for it when/if you go for your inst rating...

good luck!
Just be patient. It took me over a year to get a private pilot license in Illinois because of the weather. Just wait it out. Besides inclement weather can be dangerous too. Remember, better to be on the ground wishing you were up there, then up there and wishing you were on the ground!
I am doing my training in Texas, the weather has been fine for the most part just too much fog this morning. I cant wait, but I will have to, ha!
I had to cancel today too. I have been unable to go for the past few weeks; Week 1 I was in the UK, Week 2 I was sick, and today the weather was bad. I did reschedule for tomorrow so hopefully things will get better.
You'll be fine, dude! I cannot tell you how many flights I have had to cancel due to the weather. I've seen it all. I've dealt with thunderstorms, fog, haze, rain, wind, blizzards, and stupid TSA rules!

But after all that, I should have my ticket by the end of the month!