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I will be going to FSI and am exploring my financial aid options. The school uses Sallie Mae and while their offerings look OK, are there other options out there? I have a great credit rating and would think I could get a more competitive rate.
I was all ready to set up my SallieMae loan when I learned that FSI has hooked up with Key Bank for financing training. It's the Key Alternative Education loan. Check it out at Key Alternative Loan

Anyone planning on attending next March??

See ya there..

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I just found out that I've been approved for the Key Loan, so now I'll definately be FSI-bound.

Interestingly enough, I was approved without a co-signer, even though I'm just a "lowly enlisted guy"...long story there.

Apparently income isn't a factor...just credit history!

I will be adding a cosigner, though, to lower the interest rate and inception fee.

Good luck to everyone and if you'll be in Vero next May, I'll see you there!


Not sure if you'll see this under this heading, but is FlightSafety that booked up (until next May, I mean)? I am in the process of considering schools and don't want to wait that long! Or did you pick May as a convenience for you?
No...I'm waiting till then because of my contract with the navy....

I highly suggest calling the marketing dept. They are helpful and informative. Take a tour if at all possible.

Good luck,

I visited FS about 3 weeks ago. They aren't booked up at all. According to the marketing rep I talked to, lots of people think they can make a class start date, but then something bad weather, or moving difficulties. She told me you should probably apply no earlier than 2 months prior to the class you want. That would give them time to request and receive all your information. They also talked about American Eagle. Doesn't sound too promising yet, since Eagle is requesting more multi-time from Academy grads. It would send the price of the course skyrocketing if they added more multi. So, for now and for at least a while, ASA is the only game. The tour was very informative, though its usually given by guys NOT in the ASA program. The ASA program has its own building, but you start off with all the other guys in the main portion of the academy until stage 3. There were two nervous looking guys about to interview for stage 3 when I went. One started Private through Academy, the other came to ASA program with commercial. Both said program was excellent. The airplanes I was shown looked to be in good condition. Vero Beach looked like a nice town and there were a lot of nice restaurants and shopping available. If you've got other specific questions, let me know. By the way Chunk, how is Okinawa now? I was stationed there 96-98(Air Force) and miss it too much