Features you'd like to see at Jetcareers


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I'm working on a refresh of the main website and was wondering what types of features would you like to see?

No idea is too goofy, just let me know what's on your mind.
Airline specific forums that you have to be approved to enter, kind of like a secret society.

Actually just the way PPRune does theirs.
I really like Matt's idea of having airline contracts on here.

I'm not a big fan of the "secret societies." Part of the reason I come here is the comparing and contrasting with the other guys at other carriers. Want a secret society, that's what the company specific sites are for.
I frequent another forum, a dedicated sports forum, that has a separate political subforum from their "general". I think that would be nice to sort of filter out all the political topics from teh lav.
On the other forum I have decided to just stop even browsing the political forum bc of the differing views and the inability for anyone, including myself, to see the opposing posters views. Makes it easier because on here I find myself getting dragged into them but have eliminated it completely on the other forum.
Have to be careful with to many subforums...otherwise you have dozens of boards with only 14 posts in them. I do think that a board for flight simulation might be fun idea. I'm pretty sure there are a couple of flight simmers on here so it may work. May not but it would still be worth trying.
I would like to see a section where I can see pictures of what Doug is eating and/or drinking on occasion............oh wait
An Iphone app that you can choose which forums to browse.... (such as only general and airline pilot) and you see all new threads with the ability to "tag" a thread for updates (within the app) to just that thread.

contracts would be convenient to have too....
Not a long the same lines but I think it would be really cool to do a JC Podcast once weekly or bi-weekly. Could have TG do a topic on aerodynamics every week, Doug do a state of the union, plenty of Airline Pilots to P&M about the industry...etc.

I know I would listen to it.