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I need some help. I have zero hours, I was gonna go to one of the those academies in FL, but its so expensive. I got a job offer here so i am gonna play it safe and work while i go for my ratings. So I want to find an FBO in long beach or orange county to get my PPL at. Can anyone have any recommendations?

I am thinking about Lenair aviation at SNA or rainbow air at LGB. any insight would be appricated.
I learnt to fly withLenair at SNA, and would highly recommend them. I would definately fly out of SNA if you want to be an airline pilot. SNA is a busy airport, with lots of radio work, so you can fly anywhere you want and will feel comfortable. You might think that would be overwhelming however it really isn'!! Some people say that at SNA you will be waiting a lot however they do a grand job and I would say it is pretty comparable to FUL and other local airports. Atleast that is what I have experienced.
Now about Lenair, I think they do a grand job. They have a large fleet of aircraft so getting on the schedule is a problem, they are all maintained by their own staff, so all maintenance issues are taken care off very quickly (this means there are not scheduling probkems, and other inconviences). There have a wide range of aircraft, including a few news one, that all fly nicely. There instructors are really good, I have flown with a lot of them (before I moved to the UK I used to fly there 3 times a week, so I knew all of them and if they were free they would generally hop a long for a ride with me) and they are all friendly and now there stuff. Ed mentioned OCFC and yes OCFC is a great school, however have a look at their prices, they are the highest on the feild. Sunrise I have found are more interested in aerobatics then anything, they are not content with just the regular stuff like Lenair and OCFC,
I would definately pop down there and have a look around book a trail flight, and see what you think. If you do fly out of there, you will definately see me in the near future.
My brother went to OCFC and liked it a lot. Hopefully I'll be starting there sometime in January. My groundschool instructor, who works at Royal even recommended them saying they have nicer planes than most, although more money. Maybe I'll see ya out there.
HAHA cmartin!! Well i got offered a job so i was thinking taht before i dump a boatload of money into a school i get my ppl first at a local FBO while I work to make sure i enjoy flying. I am sure i will, but you never know.

So what up with you? are you not going to attend ATP anymore?