Ex-flight attendant pleads guilty to giving baby depressant in juice


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DETROIT, Michigan (AP) -- A former Northwest Airlines flight attendant pleaded guilty to assault for putting a prescription depressant in a toddler's apple juice to stop her crying.

Daniel Cunningham, 39, of Ann Arbor also pleaded guilty Monday in Federal District Court to distributing a controlled substance aboard an aircraft and importing a controlled substance.

The incident last August was discovered by the girl's mother, Beate Turner, who took the juice off the Amsterdam-to-Detroit flight after noticing that it was bitter and foamy and had blue and white specks floating in it.

The 19-month-old girl suffered no serious injury.

Turner later had it analyzed by a laboratory, which confirmed the presence of Xanax, prescribed for panic attacks and anxiety, the FBI said. The drug's side effects include drowsiness, fatigue and lightheadedness.

Cunningham faces a maximum prison sentence of 11 years and a $600,000 fine. No sentencing date has been set.

Bill Mellon, a spokesman for Northwest Airlines, said Cunningham "was let go right after the incident so there is nothing we can do. We cooperated fully with the authorities. We are pleased that justice has been served."


Now, the real question is would the baby have been such a pain if he/she/it had a cat to keep it busy.

Or, would the FA had drugged the dog that wouldn't shut-up.