I am curious as to what the differences are in the curriculum between DVT and FPR. I have been following Turk's threads and have noticed that there are some crucial differences. for example 3 checks in IR and Multi private then CRM. I am wondering whether DVT changed or Fpr changed and if we should expect changes in the dvt curriculum.
Things seem to be a changin over on this coast (FPR) When I did my ifr there were only 2 stage checks, and only one on private multi. I believe its 3-ifr and 2 pvt me now. As far as the crm, this must have changed as well. We did the hawk at the same time as private multi. I also think the route program is getting rather stringent. But to my knowledge, the comm se/me are 1 stage a piece as well as cfi/ii/mei. What about you guys? Oh, we can now rent archers and take non students up, you guys too? I think the rates are $94 wet. Only you have to pay seperate, not out of your flight account.
I belive it's 2 stage checks each for IR and PPL/ME at DVT. And, CRM runs concurrently with PPL/ME (or CPL/ME for 141 students). The CPL/SE is one stage, and the CPL/ME is only 3 missions, including the stage check.

We've always been able to take up non-students on "fun flights." But, we have to have the flight approved by an assistant chief and a signoff from the accountant saying we have extra money in our account to pay for the flight. We can take Arrows and Seminoles on fun flights with permission from the chief, but I've only seen CFIs taking Seminoles out, and that's a rare occurence.
yes, the "fun flight" was just initiated here at fpr. Before, if we wanted to rent an airplane, we would have to email or chief flt inst. Well we would, and we would wait, and wait, .............and wait, and never any response. I suppose we waited enough to get it approved without approval....whew....
At Phoenix the only aircraft students can take out is the Archer. Only CFIs can rent an Arrow or Seminole.