doc wants me to try topamax


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My PCP wants me to try topamax for frequent tension headaches, I see that this is not approved according to the AOPA list. Before I go back and ask about other options I wanted to make sure I understood it correctly, that there is absolutely no way to maintain a medical while on something that is not allowed, correct?

(the post on migraine SI's was really helpful, BTW)
There are 2 issues. 1) The medication is not allowed. 2) The severity of the underlying headache (the reason for the medication) is severe enough to require medication and may thus be incapacitating ---> the headache in this case is also DQ.

They look at both the underlying disease and the treatment when making decisions about certifiction.
We'll try to go a different direction then, thanks doc.
You wouldn't happen to have any FAA friendly treatment suggestions I could take back to my PCP to discuss do you? He's not an AME and while somewhat familiar with the FAA policies still not an AME..
As far as the headaches, they've been declared for 15+ years and they have OK'd the immitrex I'm already taking as needed, I have no aura or anything, just trying to work with my PCP to control it a little better so I can lay off the analgesics and rebound possibility.
I'm not flying right now and might just test the waters with the topamax just to see if it even helps for a few months, I don't know yet.