Do Regionals hold job fairs at ATP?


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Since ATP doesn't seem to have partnerships, do Regionals atleast hold job fairs at any of the campuses to hire ATP instructors? Basically, do they have any career assistance?
"Campuses"? ATP ain't FSI or Comair or PAIFA. With the exception of the JAX office (ATP's hq), their operating locations are smaller then you might guess: a couple planes, a couple instructors, and a handful of students.
Don't need it.
ATP is not the place to go if you need hand holding, so to speak. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif
To put it in perspective; At our largest locations you might have 5 instructors at any given time. Of those, they would normally have a pretty even spread of experience, all the way from 1400 hours to 300 hours. So what's the point in holding a job fair at one of our locations, when only one instructor is even close to hitting the ammount of hours required, and the rest are still 4-5 months away?
I don't think the regionals see it as worth their time or money. We'll come to them anyway. /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

I plan on going to Jacksonville. It seems like ATP is kind of like an elaborate FBO. Can I ask you guys how often and easily do ATP pilots get jobs with the regionals. How far along are you guys? By the way, not being hand held and waiting for others to find jobs for me sounds appealing. I like the idea of keeping my options open, as long as it doesn't hinder my ultimate goal of flying for the majors or heavy cargo.
Thanks you guys.
how many hours do ATP's instr get before they get the Boot..

I'm sure they get the boot.. what is the average thet leave with???
I haven't heard of anyone getting the boot post 9/11. Pre, there was one or two cases where an instructor would stick around until they hit 1500 hours or more, in a market where you could get a job with 750 hours, so then they would be 'nudged' onwards. Now that doesn't happen though.

As far as 'how often and how easy we get jobs';
It's 'easy' to get a job with a background as an ATP instructor. The two main factors are A) You get a lot of hours per month, and B) 95% of those, if not more, are multi engine hours. Especially the latter there seems to tickle the airlines' fancy.

When it comes to being hired by a regional after you've worked as an instructor my impression is that it doesn't matter what name it says on your resume, who you've worked for; what matters is how many hours you have, and how many multi engine hours you have.

As such, ATP is a very nice place to start your career from.