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I was looking at getting a digital camera. Any suggestions? My price range is around $100-$350. Thanks
I use the Canon Powershot A20. I've had it for about two years now and love it. Granted it's no longer the top of the line but it definately does that job and has faired well with all the flying and traveling I have done with it. It's a 2.1 megapixel camera which does really well for printing photos but if you can I would definately recommend getting a 3 megapixel or higher if they are within your price range. My Canon is a little bulky compared to some models currently available but its not too bad. The only thing is that pretty much every digital camera is going to burn through the batteries pretty fast. I learned early on not to leave the camera on when not in use
I am sure they will get better with time though. The Canon cameras use the compact flash cards which are fairly cheap and easy to store. I will soon be in the market to get a new camera so let me know what you find when shopping so I can get some idea what's good these days
I have a Canon Powershot Elph. I love it, it's really small, has quite a few features and even has a video mode. I've captured lots of great pics since I started flying.

Mine is a 2.0 Megapixel and I think they've managed to fit a 4.0 Megapixel in the same tiny body.
One thing you might consider doing is to go the route I did. I bought the same brand camera and photo printer. I'm totally pleased with the whole set-up.

I got the HP 720 camera w/3.3 Mpixel and 12x zoom. It has a rear LCD view finder and standard viewfinder.It uses a secure digital card "as film" in which I bought a variety of sizes from 16meg to 128meg of storage. The smaller card I think will hold 152 photos and when I fill it up, I pull it out and slide in another. Great for those fly-ins,trust me. You can plug it into a docking station and plug that into your bigscreen and walla, youv'e got 55" of a automatic slideshow. The cam also does 30secs of video footage too. Has more features than that. The HP 7130 photoprinter is great also. You can plug in a CompactFlash,IBM Microdrive mem card, Multimedia card,secure digital mem card, a memory stick or a SmartMedia memory card, so it is versatile when it comes to what you can get printed. There's more, You can also plug in direct from your cam and download direct that way too.Then since your printer is directly plugged into your pc you can then choose which photo's to print and what size. Mine does single 4x6 or three 4x6 on a 81/2 x 11 sheet or a 81/2 x 11 photo_Of course you can also send your images over the internet. There's more but if your interested go to HP online and check them out. They'll tell you the prices also. The cam was 299.00 and the printer was around 160 or so.

Hope this helped, it was long-winded, sorry...
I have a Canon Powershot G3...doesnt quite fit into that price range though. I put my vote in for any Canon model though...they make some nice cameras.
The Sony CD Mavica's are great! They are larger than a standard digital camera, but burn the photos directly to a mini-CD that can hold *hundreds* of photos. A coupla benefits I have seen since using this system:

1. Permanent record of photos...don't have to worry about HDD crashing and losing everything.

2. Cheap! About .10 a disc rather than expensive memory sticks/cards that are expensive and only hold a fraction of the pics.

3. Easier to import. Just drop the longer waiting for USB transfer or card reader...much quicker this way.

4. Good lens. Carl Zeiss lens.

I have the CD-400 (4 megapixel) which is out of that price range, but there are models with less resolution that might fit.

Good luck.
Spend the extra $50-75 and get the Kodak Easy Share LS443. I am so pleased with mine! It's a 4.0 Megapixel camera and with a 128MB card can store over 120 photos at maximum resolution. It's got a docking station that charges your battery and with the touch of a button the software downloads all your pictures! It's an awesome camera, the pictures are GREAT! I haven't run the battery down yet, so I don't know how long it will last. I recently took it to Alaska for a week taking pictures almost every day and didn't run out of battery power.
what are you going to be doing with the camera? pictures from the plane? you will need zoom... optical zoom, not digital zoom. Digital zoom is uselss. 2MP will give you enough quality for 8x10s