DC H10-20 Boom Loose


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Hi Folks,

The boom on my DC headset has become loose over the years and has a tendency to fall down away from my face. Anyone know if it's possible to tighten it up yourself or should I just send it in for repair? It's the bendable boom version, not the wire frame one.

Not sure what the turnaround time or cost would be, but I'm only about an hour or so away from Worcester, MA.

Thanks in advance!


I'd send it in. I know there were some comments on other threads that DC customer service was terrible, but I've never had a bad experience. A few years ago they fixed a headset for me that I had bought used off eBay, no questions asked. They even replaced things I hadn't asked them to, and if I remember correctly, only charged me for shipping.


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i took the screw out of mine and added a bit to thread locker and that seamed to solve the problem for me. But since you live so close to DC take them in and they will fix the mic issue themselves and refresh the headset.

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I've got about 2000 hours on a DC noise cancelling headset and it's been solid for me. In light of that, if I had to (and I will eventually) send it in for a refurb, it would certainly be worth the money. Depending on repairs, I think it's between $80-$130 in most cases that I've heard about.