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With the fear of people identifying as woke cats, THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD! :) Anything goes now! :sarcasm:
Well if people start living as woke dogs, then Bill Murray will be a prophet.

After our trip to Scotland a few months ago, my interest in keeping my photography skills current increased. Picked up a lens I've wanted for years. Everyone in my house except me has been sick and went to bed early, so I took the new lens and the old dog out for a short walk as the sun was going down. This is handheld wide open f2.8 at 1/30 or 1/20. I'm surprised how well it turned out. SOOC.
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Hopefully they can at least buy the experimental rated stuff at a discount. If they're paying for the fully certified versions that's super nuts.

You can’t put the cheaper experimental stuff in a certified airplane unless there is an STC, and THAT usually drives the price back up.

That said, Dynon has been making headway in the certified market. It’s great stuff.

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