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I'll be switching to FSA in Feb (already applied, and loan approved), and I was wondering do they have a seperate class for multi-engine or is that part of the commercial or private class?

I was asking because I already completed my commercial ground school and multi-engine ground school at Sierra Academy, and have my FAA commercial written done already.. so I was wondering if I should consider auditing the FSA commercial ground school or private ground school or not.

I've never toured the campus so I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the housing is like.. aka your experience with it.. or if you lived off campus whats the rent run for places near campus for a nice place. Also does the campus housing have internet service?

If you got a key loan.. how many disbursements did FSA break it into? Just curious how much I can expect each check to be.

Guess I'll have to change my username soon haha

I believe that on campus there are 3 housing options.

1. Dorm style double rooms. One large room with 2 beds/desks/a divider/ and a bathroom.

2. Apartment style - This has a shared bedroom, a shared bathroom but a separate living room and kitchen. (I stayed in one like this for a month before moving).

3. Bungalow - I've never been in one but they seem to be the best....

I moved off campus to Cantebury place apartments where I was paying about $555/month for a 2 bedroom. The lease was monthly so it was easy to get out. I think rates have gone up a little since I was there but generally speaking housing is inexpensive in the Vero Beach Area.

There are plenty of apt complexes around as well as rooms to rent in private homes.

The dorms do have internet service....(i think!!).

I would try to audit the commercial ground school if I were you, it would be good to see how they run the ground schools there.

Good luck in Feb! I'll see you down there! Good decision!
If you got a key loan.. how many disbursements did FSA break it into? Just curious how much I can expect each check to be.

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When I got my loan, it came in four checks. I sent one back though.
You should call Sylvia Hoover and ask her about it. She's in charge of financial aid. It might be different for you since (I assume) you're not taking out such a large loan as I did.

The best part about it though is that they call you and say, "your check is here.", and you can come pick it up and put it in your bank. Then, you can add $ to your account in whatever fashion you desire and you don't have to worry about trying to get them to write you a check for living expenses, etc.

That's too bad about Sierra, but I think you'll enjoy FSI. Good luck.

There is a separate class for multi-engine. It is 1/2 day for about 4 days, so repeating the class is no big deal. If you scored well on your commercial, I would not bother to audit the ground school.
If you choose to live off campus get a roomate and look at the Florida Apartment Club. I think a two bedroom is about $750. Descent place to live halfway between FSA and the beach. I would recommend auditing the commercial ground school. It is a good class and besides I believe one audit is free. The multi class is short and covers the Seminole pretty well. Do you have your instrument rating yet??? If you do I would audit the instrument for a refresher rather than the commercial.

Good luck...ILS
I dont know, but I heard they switched ownership and the rent was going to increase a few hundred dollars on all new leases...
There are ALOT of houses for rent, generally same price as you would pay at one of the ritzy apartment clubs...more so as the winter comes to an end and the northerners leave town. Plus, usually a cool landlord wont make you sign a 1 yr lease. I paid $700 for a 2 bed/1bath house with w/d. If anyone needs the name of a good landlord, shoot me a message.
Florida law does not allow a fixed lease (unless they changed this in the last year and a half). They have to let you out if you give a month notice.
I have been trying to find specifics on the Florida lease laws. I do see mention of leases in the rules, but it seems that they are there to protect the tenant (so you dont get a premature boot for no reason). I also see mention of 30 notice to break a lease. Probably best to ask a real-estate/rental broker about this. All I can remember is that when we looked for our house multiple agencies and our final landlord told us about this. With 30 days written notice we could legally terminate any lease contract without forfeiting any deposit.

So I believe the practical upshot is that you cant be committed to a year lease (beyond just having to give the 30 day notice).
So I believe the practical upshot is that you cant be committed to a year lease (beyond just having to give the 30 day notice).

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If you can find that info I'd be very interested in seeing it....
5 yr lease you say?? No problem...Where do I sign?
An old copy of the lease I signed actually quotes part of the law on the form itself. It specifically states that Florida law allows for a tenant to break a lease (w/no penalty) with 30 days written notice. I am looking for a better reference right now.
From what I was told, a lease must be for at least 9 months, or you will have to pay sales tax on the lease payment.
I ended my lease after 6 months (gave notice after 5) and there was no sales tax or anything odd like that.
If you take fact that living off campus more or less requires a car, it's actually cheaper to live on campus since everything is walking distance. So unless you really want a car I'd highly recomend living on campus, everything's close plus you get free net axcess
Look up a guy named John Shindle.

Sorry, don't know his number, and had to look way back into my old cancelled checks to even remember his name. Anyways, he owns a bunch of properties over on the beach. Thats where I stayed when I was there...he gave a couple of us FSI guys a good deal.
I could use the name of a cool landlord...I need to find a place to live! The dorms are eating me alive.

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My landlord was pretty cool. He owns a home improvement business, so nothing was ever broken on the house... But, I think that he prefers year leases. I had a 2 bedroom duplex that was on 41st ave. for $625/mo. + util. It wasn't the greatest neighborhood (right by canturbury pl.), but the price was right.

His name is Jim Rott and his number(s) are:

(772) 567-0967 hm
and (772) 473-4529 cell