Commuter & Major? Same Airline


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I was reading another post on this board and it was to the effect that there are some major airlines that have commuters that once one is hired by the commuter there seniority years start for the major. An example might be Continental- Continental Express. I was wondering is this true, and if so what airlines have this kind of system in place.
I think what you're talking about is a flow-through agreement. Basically what you said is correct in that you can move up to the major you were working as a commuter/regional for.

Of course, the flow-through works both ways. For instance when times are bad those Continental pilot could displace the RJ pilots on Continental Express.

If you're flying for the majors a flow-through can only be good. If you're flying for a regional it can be either very good or very bad.
So would those airlines hire new piots into the regionals first and then let them work there way up?

Also, would that regional airline hire with the majors flight hours or there own standards?
I know American and Eagle have a back-flow contract (at least that's how it's working right now), but I thought that Continental and CoEx were separate? I THINK (and I could be wrong here) CoEx is something like Express Jet or something.....
Time was it was said if you worked for American Eagle, you'd never get a job with American.
Your senority for the major carrier does not start when you start working for a wholly owned regional. Simply working for COEX does not give you bidding rights to CO. You must apply, and be hired by the major airline. What it might give you is preferential interviewing.