Comm AMEL ride today!


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Well, I did my commercial multi add-on today through ATP's Chicago location. All went good. Weather couldn't have been better but my single engine instrument approach was not my greatest but within PTS. I feel great! finally Comm ASEL/AMEL with Instrument Rating. Next on to my CFI/II/MEI ratings!
Good job, I'm right behind you but only have about 5 hours multi time in a seneca so far. How many hours of flight time did it take you to earn your Multi add-on?
Including the checkride, the final total was 9.7 hours of multi-time! It's great it took so little (which I think attests to the great training abilities of at least my instructor at ATP,Inc), however, it kind of sucks as multi-time is ever so important in the aviation job world! Oh well... have to look around to start building that time!

Have some extra cash? Just go through ATP again
I plan on eventually doing that just to help get a evasive Multi-Instructing job, but i don't have the 250 hours nore the 50 hours PIC in the last few months at the moment!