CH Yoke


Sitting in the median
Hey all,

I just was home and picked up my old CH Flight Sim Yoke and Pedals, but couldn't find my CD. I figured it wouldn't really matter. Well, I put the thing up, and it sucks because I can't use any of the buttons (well, two of them) without the CD. Any suggestions???
I kinda need the buttons for trim, flaps, gear... you know, the essentials.

Is there a way to install the yoke off the internet?
Greetings Chi, I've got the USB yoke and pedals also and if you want I would be more than happy to burn you a copy of the cd and mail it to wherever you want, no problem, glad to help out.

For myself, I love using the yoke and pedals, it gives whatever sim your flyning a little added realism.I bought the Charlie Bundle from King that also came with V7.0 Elite but I hardly ever use that because I like the MSFS2002 better because of the great graphics and ease of use. I've got many other sim "games" as well, they are fun and good for keepng up your nav and other skills as well. Many will slam the sims as being a toy and not real etc. but I still get great utility out of them.One of the biggest real world uses I have is before I make a VFR flight to anywhere I run it first real time on MSFS2002 first to compare the terrain and everything againgst my sec chart and whem I'm done I've made the flight virtual and have seen all the pilotage landmarks, positions etc.and it really better prepares me for the unfamiliar real flight becase I've been there once already! I run top speed and graphics at top leval so it looks very realistic.

Anyway, let me know and I'll get back to you.
Blue Skies to you...
Thanks for the offer!! I actually tweaked with the settings in Control Panel for Win XP, and got a bunch of the buttons to work. Enough that I can fly it with ease. I don't fly much anyways, but since I'm not flying very much in the "real world" at the moment, this kinda keeps me in the game.
Your welcome FlyChi.Glad to hear you got it yanked-out.

Your flying pro now right? Not much then, why's that may I ask?
Yes you can download the drivers from the webpage I believe.

I know my drivers are super outdated on my CD.
I'm "sort of" flight instructing. I'm on the payroll as an instructor, but there aren't any students for me. So I just shelled out some cash for my MEI, and am currently working for our university police department until something comes up for a flying job.