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Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction to where I might renew my CFI/CFII/MEI
Instructor Ratings?
Expired many years ago and I am LOOKING for a Flight School (FBO) in South Florida (I'm in Coral Springs...near Ft. Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton and so on) although DOES NOT NEED TO BE IN FLORIDA....
I have an ATP with 3800 hours, 1300 hours Flight Instruction given.
IN ANY objective is to find a GOOD Flight School that keeps their planes well maintained...and of course 'decent' pay with a good reputation that would employ me as a Flight Instructor upon completion of the required "FAA CHECKS"
ALSO...IDEALLY an FBO who also has a 135 Certificate or Corporate Department....looking to get a foot in the door there as well.
I've had 135 jobs from flying 210's, 421's and King Airs.
Any input would be appreciated...NOW just need to start teaching again but need a job after.
AGAIN...DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FLORIDA....ANYWHERE really....grew up in California and would consider ANYWHERE!
Thanks in advance.
Email if you have any advice...
Tone it down, that stuff is hard to read.

If your are expired, you have to do the whole ride over again.
Any flight school that has a qualified flight instructor can do that.
Florida has no shortage of flight schools and most will be THRILLED to have your business right now. A simple google search should help you find a flight school in your area. The first thing I'd do is go to a local pilot shop and get a 09 FAR/AIM. That book alone will save you a lot of grief and a ton of cash.

Please tone down the font, as mentioned, it's really had on the eyes.