Best Flight Bag?


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Did somebody say "good flight bag"?

[/ QUOTE ]For my purposes, I'm looking for one because I currently use a backpack that is very hard to keep organized, but I like carrying it versus other bags... However, as I said... it's a pain to keep organized. I am going to be completing my Instrument and Commercial ratings and then becoming a flight instructor. So what are your thoughts?

What has worked for you... and what hasn't?

Also, just to keep it balanced... The pro's can make some recommendations on what works and what doesn't for them while flying the big'uns.

Please try to put a link or at least a location that it could be found... that should save some reply's of... "Where can I get one like that?"




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Right now I use a crappy old book bag. But I'm ordering the skyhighgear bag on Monday ( My girlfriend thinks I'm getting carried away because I keep getting boxes from avshop, sporty's, and the pilot portal), should be sweeeeeeet! 1.


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For my purposes, I'm looking for one because I currently use a backpack that is very hard to keep organized, but I like carrying it versus other bags... However, as I said... it's a pain to keep organized.

[/ QUOTE ]

"Well-organized" is the chief reason I bought the SHG bag; competing bags from Cencal and Noral don't even come close in that department. Beyond that, materials, construction quality and price made it a no-brainer. Seriously, the two SHG bags are the best value out there right now.


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I use the Halifax bag from Avshop. It's fairly large but can definately carry everything you need. I used to have one of Sporty's flight gear but didn't like it because of the flimsy sides. The Halifax has plenty of padding and structured sides. Take a look at it - AvShop Halifax


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I'm with aloft. The Sky High flight bag is the best flight bag EVER. I'll have mine at the fly-in if anyone wants to check it out. If it got in a fight with another'd win...


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I have a basic, canvas Jepp bag. It's ok for the price (I got it on Ebay for $32), but you can do better.


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I have a cencal flight bag. It has dividers for the main compartment and organizer or the other pockets. It is made out of balistic nylon, so it is tough as nails. they also have a great warenty.


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I'm interested in the skyhigh's but I'm afraid to buy their big one. Pilots carrying big honking-suitcase looking bags out to their planes for local flights look foolish and unprofessional for some reason (it just makes me want to laugh). Their small "attache" case looks nice but it doesn't hold a headset. Just how big is the skyhigh discovery? I have seen the dimensions, but is it a lot bulkier looking than say, a jansport backpack?

My CFI just carries an ASA headset case out on his instructing flights. I hope to be in his shoes soon, and it'd probably get old carrying such a large bag out to the tiedowns 5 times a day. Still, I do need something new since the bag I'm using now is falling apart. What do you CFI's out there use (other than whatevers at the bottom of the bargain bin at walmart).


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Here are some photos to help give you an idea of the size of Sky High's duffle and attache. Generally speaking, the Discovery duffle is probably a little smaller than you think, and the Apollo attache is a little larger--as you can see, the attache does indeed hold a headset or two, or a headset and a 2" Jepp binder (as shown). You're absolutely right about CFIs not wanting to carry much more than a headset and maybe a chart and a pair of foggles or a few other training aids, and I have it on good authority that Sky High is about to introduce such a bag to their product lineup, along with another designed for pilots who own their own aircraft and generally leave their headsets in the airplane.


That's an 18" ruler for comparison, I'm told that the larger of the two padded pockets in the center there is big enough hold a Garmin 295 or 196.


In the main compartment, I keep a kneeboard, a 2-D cell Maglite, 1" and 2" Jepp binders, a California Pilot's Guide binder, and a sunglasses case.


Plenty of room for my DC ANR headset, plus pockets for the cables, battery pack and backup battery pack.


Padded main compartment of the Apollo attache, got a headset, 2" Jepp binder and an airport/facilities directory in there with room to spare. Not a tight fit at all for any of it.


Quite a lot can fit in the front compartment; I haven't tried it, but I think you could fit an average laptop computer where the white 3-ring binder is.


Loaded up, the Apollo is pretty beefy.


Side-by-side comparison


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Good God those things are monstrous!

Soft sided, though, that's a plus. The hard sided bags won't fit in every airliner I've been in (CRJ notably.)

I use an old VHS Camera bag. One front pocket and one slim back pocket for "thin things" like papers and notebook.


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It is much smaller than the Jepp bag. I absolutely love mine discovery bag. I have had it for two weeks now and every one that sees it wants to know where I got it. I recommend this bag to anyone looking for one. It isn't that big and the material it is made of is soft and durable.


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Extra Credit goes to "aloft" for the detailed descriptions and pics.
Thanks a lot!

Looks like the gauntlet has been thrown down... anyone else?



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I use this right now and like it a lot (a little on the large side by handy for books/binders etc.:

Well I oculdnt find a link for it but it's an Avcom "duffel" bag with two removable headset cases (one on each end) a large main compartment and several side compartments. Pretty versatile bag - a little to large for my tastes.

However ...

Once I start CFII'ng or getting paid to do some ofthis stuff I might look into one of these - just simple and classy:

They make a larger version but I like the smaller one.


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I have the Discovery and will say it is an awsome bag. Only one complaint- the seems are starting to fray (begining to look a little like a Chia pet or something) The bag is about 4 months old, but I do fly around 2-3 times a day and generally beat the @$#& out of my flight bag...anyone else seeing this happen?


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I use a bag I got from Wal-Mart and it cost me $9. It is not padded or anything, but it holds my headset and has another pocket to hold my instrument covers, AOPA yellow ruler, and a back pouch for my kneeboard to slide into. It's pretty nifty.

That Skyhigh Gear bag is pretty sweet, but too big for my taste.



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I just ordered my bag from skyhighgear, and I can't wait til' it gets here.1.


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I use the Jeppessen Captain bag (dorky name...), and I love it!!!! I know, I know, it may look "...foolish and unprofessional for some reason", or make people want to laugh, but I really do need it. About half of my flights cover 4 or five states, and I frequently fly throughtout the Southeastern US, so it's nice to be able to carry all of my approach plates, low enroutes, my FAR/AIM (never leave the ground without it), two headsets, a CD player AND MP3 player (for the plane), cell phone, lunch, overnight bad (for those times when I find myself in some dumpy FBO for the night), paper, 20 pens, a copy of the "Cellular Pilot', the latest issue of flying, a book to read and pass time in those dumpy FBOs, a lapto....well, I think you get the point.

For local flights (if I'm forced to leave behind the MP3 player, then believe me when I say it's going to be a short, VERY LOCAL flight), I just take the detachable headset bag, and off I go into the wild blue yonder!!!!


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I use this green bag that I found in a buggy at Target the other day... it holds a headset and my pouch which has most of my stuff in it.... its not the slightest bit proffesional, but it holds stuff...