Back in, kicking and screaming...


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Some of you old skool members might remember me... been several years since I've been around.

My major form of aviation in the last couple years has been hang gliding. It is simply the purest form of flight! Words can't describe how awesome it is to thermal with hawks, ospreys, vultures, eagles, (sometimes butterflies and spiders too). Going on xc flights with nothing but your skills and gravity!

But anyway, after a three year break from instructing, I've taken a (severely) part time instructor position. The owner of the school needed someone to fill in the ranks for various light instructing, so I agreed to come back.

Day one... preparing a student for his Instrument check ride. Gotta dust off those CFII skills!

Anyway, cheers all!
My longest so far was a 25 mile out and back. The pic above was it, at the turn around point.
That's awesome! The Director of Safety/Training at my company used to be a very avid hang glider. He has some interesting stories and experiences. I'd love to try it myself eventually.
Go check out Lookout Mountain Flight Park in Trenton, GA. That's where I fly most of the time.