Aztec Job in Western Mass


Queso King
Place called North adams, small 135 just getting started needs someone with some multi time and 1200 hours. If interested PM me or call Shamrock Aviation at AQW. Matt or Liam are the guys ur looking for, PM if you want some info, Pete or Trevor may answer the phone, they arn't with the FBO but they run the airport and help answer phones.

He's had the worst luck getting pilots. Even the furlough'ed airline pilots sending him resume's right now are worthless for 135 mins. Sigh. The guy he had bailed for another job.
That sucks that people won't commit. I would love to have this sort of opportunity, and I have WELL over 135 mins (not to menton time as a 135 Captain)! Suckers! Either way, I sent my resume to him and will call in the mourning (already left him a message earlier today)...and I would have every intention of hanging around!:nana2:
Whats the pay/living costs ratio like? 135 mins in an Aztec in New England doesn't seem very good...
No employer can complain about people not being loyal in flying positions until they pay the guy 60k for a 135 Aztec Position, not the 25k they probably pay em.
North Adam, where the FBO is, isn't that expensive compared to the rest of MA and New England. If you go like 5 miles north you can live in vermont, very cheap up there. Make sure you get a truck (a banger)

413 663 3330

Sounds like things are getting heated up and I've got a 5 hour drive through Nebraska today to see Fam. Can't promise I'll be on much the next few days.

Good luck to all. I'm not going to say much about the pay because I don't ask. Liam (owner) is a friend of mine and I think he's a great guy. If you are loyal to him he is loyal to you, but he's in this to make money. I think it is a great opportunity for a low time pilot who wants to dig in and get some work done.
PM sent, also I tried emailing my resume to the address listed above, but it got kicked back immediately marked "undeliverable".
You could get offered a VFR slot (that's only 500TT required), or you could get a job sweeping the floors and flying empty legs with a CFI until you could upgrade. But, that'd be beneath most guys right? (not directed at you btw)
I did a lot of that with my first outfit.

However there is a guy there already doing that to all those who are applying