Aviation seminars


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Has anyone heard of aviation seminars
They say for $299 they teach you the course in one weekend and they have 95% pass rate of the FAA writtens. Sounds like a good deal. if anyone has had experience with them could you let me know?

I personally think you're better off buying either the King or Sporty's DVD course. With these, you can always go back and watch them again in the future... Something you definitely can't do with the seminar, unless you want to drop another $300...

Just my .02
I've never been a big fan of those weekend courses for anything other than the CFI renewal. They may work well for some people but basically all they do is cram the answers into your head and then you take the test. I would be willing to bet that out of everyone attending a weekend seminar I could give them another written on the same subject(instrument for example) a week later and without any further studyiing alot of them would fail. Buy the videos, buy the Gleim, attend a traditional ground school - I think you'll find you'll **learn** and have a better grasp of the subject matter that way.

You can study the gleim in a weekend and pass the exam if that's what you're looking for. I've bought the private, instrument, and commercial gleims (total of about $45) and have gotten a 90, 94, and 98 respectively. Unless you don't like your $299, in which case come to my place and I'll teach you the whole course in a weekend. Heck, I'll even charge $275, save you some money