ATP through ATP


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has anybody taken the ATP written through ATP??

I'm thinking about doing the one day course they offer... I just wanted some feedback... thanks.
I took it ... if you're just looking to pass the test with a decent score and zero studying, it's the way to go. You sit in front of a computer screen taking something like 400 practice questions until you're ready for the actual test. The practice questions, however, show only the CORRECT answer unless you specifically click to see the incorrect answers too. The theory behind this is that when you see the question on the real test, if you have not seen the incorrect answers previously, the correct answer will stand out. Also, there are no surprises on the real test .... the Gleim ATP test guide has well over a thousand questions .... the ATP course at ATP has only the 400 quesions and the questions you will see on the written at the end of the day will all have been covered during your studying. You're basically becoming a trained monkey but as I said, I didn't study for a second prior to taking the actual course and pulled off a 96.
$295 is a chunk of money for something you can do on your own. Between the test and the ASA book I think I was only out $100. I also took the 135 version, I would recommend this because it's easier then the 121 test. Since I took the practical right after the written I wasn't concerned with my score or version of the test.