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Was just wondering if anyone has experienced the ATP career program at the LA location?

If so how is the factility and living area?
Is this a popular location for this program?
Also, what about instructing from the LA location, is LA a desirable location to be an instructer at? What kind of time off do you get during the three months of the program? Do you at least get one day off a week?

Thanks in advance.
The living area is adequate; the apartments are located with in walking distance of the Airport. There are currently 7 students at the Riverside location. There is time during to program to get one day off a week or at least a half-day some time; the only catch is you never know when, until the day before. The instructors that want to instruct are usually the instructors that have completed the program at Riverside and wish to return there to remain in the area.
Riverside (LA) is desireable for me to instruct at, mostly because my wife and I live half an hour from the airport.

If I didn't have any ties anywhere I would probably go to Phoenix, but then again I'm biased, having done my training there. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

Riverside is good too though, from what I've heard, so I wouldn't think twice about going there either, if I was making a fresh start, so to speak.