ATA "team"info.


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ATA \"team\"info.

Airline Training Academy: 1) Jim Williams; Chairman of AirlineTraing Academy; retired Delta Airline capt.ATP; 28,785TT; former president & ceo Airline Aviation Academy(subsequently renamed Comair Academy). 2) Ruth Williams; director of purchasing; 3) Scott Williams; owner; vp operations; GM; comm.& inst. rated;atp; 2757 hrs. president & GM Airline Aviation Academy and subsequently Comair Aviation Academy; 13 yrs. aviation exp. 4) Robert Williams; owner; vp flight operations; director of flight operations; until 1-1-98 a Canadair Regional Jet capt. for Comair Air Lines; 11,000 hrs. currently a first offiser on a L-1011 for American Trans Air; Atp. 5) Melissa Williams; owner; CFO; treasurer; chairman of finance committee. 6) Jeff Williams; owner; president of airline training academy; capt. Comair Airlines on the EMB 120; over 8500 hrs. 7) Christine Williams; owner; vp of student services, director of housing. This is the info. as they gave it to me as I joined the Academy. State Attorney Lawson Lamar, Orange County Consumer Fraud Unit, 415 N. Orange Ave. P.O. Box 1673, Orlando,Fl. 32802 tel.# 407-836-2490 Rosalee Hopard is the Investigative Unit. Make sure you have copies of your contracts and all loan info. Lawyer representing the us is Don Christopher, of Litchford & Christopher, they have a web site;