Astronaut Memorial


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I went to the Astronaut Memorial today to pay my respects, and it dawned on me, that maybe there are a few people here that would like me to put something there for them. I live only a few minutes away. Please feel free to respond with a messege, poem, picture, anything that you would like me to place there to this thread, or send me a private messege. I can print it up on my printer, and set it down with a lot of other poems and drawings from all over the world. Also, I'll be honored to write anything (almost anything) that you would like, and put your name with it in the memorial books.
Today I saw many pictures of COLUMBIA, and all of the posters of her were sold out, she had many fans(including me), put what really got me choked up, was not the photographs, it was the paintings. I've never been moved to tears by a painting before today. "Cape Winds" was one, and I didn't get the name of the other one where it is launching at night, and the only color is from the light of the engines lighting up the beach.