Any info on PACE?

Earliest class date for you would be August, and I think they interview for that class in April or May. When my friend went out for the interview, he had to go on his own dime. Lucky for us, we both work for airlines, so we can non-rev out there. It's kinda pricy for other people. Easiest way out there from here is SWA to ABQ (sorry, gotta throw in the plug
) then Mesa to Farmington. You could also go Frontier to DEN and Great Lakes to Farmington. There's a hotel (either Days Inn or Knights Inn about 5 minutes from the airport).
I called mesa today and they told me that because I graduate in May I will have to get a letter from the admissions office stating that I have a degree because it takes two months to actually show up on transcripts. The date that we are going to interview on is July 14th for the Aug start. They do provide transportation through available seats on Mesa. Which will be worked out closer to the time when we would have to be there. She also said it takes about two weeks to decide on who is accepted and if you are accepted you would have two weeks to be there for the first day of class. So this is the info I received today.
When I interviewed last year for the ab ininto program They let me non rev on America West from New York to Arizona. Then I non rev from AZ to Farmington on Mesa. There are 2 hotels that offer something like a 50% discount for the 2 nights you will be at FM. They also provide free transportation to and from the airport and also to and from the school. If you non rev with America West and Mesa make sure you tell the ticket agent that you are interviewing for a job position with the company because they will put you as a higher on the non rev list
Sweet. I was hoping I could get into the August class, but I wouldn't have my AS until around June. If they are interviewing in July for the Aug class, I might be able to make that one. I would MUCH prefer that to Jan 2005. Winter in Farmington doesn't sound that hot (no pun intended) to me. When I left on Oct 31st, it was 31 degrees at 7 AM. Good news about the non-rev. Maybe I won't have to pay the $$$ for the ABQ-FMN leg now.