Any info on PACE?


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Hey everyone,
It has been a while since I have posted on JC, unfortunatly I had to do what I swore I would never do...get a corporate job working in an office. Anyhow, I was hoping anyone had some info on the PACE program. I know the requirements but are graduates getting hired and going to work is my question. If there are any grads or current students in PACE I would love to hear from you. Hope to read some great safe everyone.

I've got a friend that is about to finish the classroom part of the program in November. He says it's a great program, and he's really learning a lot. Downside is that it took so long getting the JetSim, that there is a huge waiting list. Add to the fact that Mesa is hiring a lot of the PACE instructors into the airline, and the finish time is going way up. My buddy will be done with classes in Nov, but it's looking like March before he can get his sim time. As far as people getting hired, from what he told me the pool from PACE is empty. They took everyone. I'm going to try to go out and check the place out sometime in the next two weeks. I WAS going to go this week, but my non-rev passes to get out there are taking their dear sweet time getting here...

I still need to finish my AS and my Multi-Comm, but I'm seriously considering the program, too.
Thanks for the reply, I called them today and talked to a current student. He pretty much told me the same thing. I will be going up there in the next few weeks to check the place out and may interview for the PACE program in May ( I believe thats what I was told.) I want to make sure I am totally ready for it, and I need to get my personal finances in order. Send me a PM if your going up there, maybe I will see you there on the visit and we can get a beer.
Interesting. I called there today also. I have to say I went away confused though. Guess I should call tomorrow and clarify. I don't understand why it would take 19 weeks to finish approximately 70 hours of flight time if you are there full time???? Can anyone comment on this?
From what someone on flightinfo posted, it's not even 19 consecutive weeks. ITs an interesting program I wish I had investigated earlier, but oh well.
It's like 12 weeks of classes. Only a little of that is flight time, though. There some in a sim and some in a Baron. For the most part, it's classroom stuff at San Juan on Tues/Thurs. Then AFTER all of that, you get the JetSim.

If everything falls into place (and all previous credits from college transfer as they should) I should be interviewing in May as well.
Interview for the school,. start school in August. As far as starting at the airline.... who knows.
That is correct, interview in May for an Aug. school start. I was told it takes 19 weeks because you have to take an instrument class and then do the flying. The interview for the school is a psych test, 30 question instrument test, and oral interview and they do ask questions that go with your current skills as a pilot, so they can ask instrument based questions. From what the guy on the phone said after classes are over and you pass the Mesa interview (which he stated has a 98% acceptance rate) the wait right now is pretty quick to move into the Mesa system but again that can change based on the economy and the needs of Mesa Airlines. I figure right now, I don't have much else going for me in regards to flying, so I have nothing but time. If a few years go by and I did nothing, I will be a few years older...but I may also be flying an RJ and right now those odds are pretty good for me. Hope this helps, PM me if you have any other questions.
I know this post has been dead for a while, but...

For those of you thinking about PACE, how much does it cost for the whole program? Also, how many start dates do they have a year and when are they?

Well, good luck you guys, looks like a really interesting program. It sounds like it would be really hard to pass up an opportunity like that, flying an RJ with 300-some hours instead of instructing for years.
been there flyallday,
the only prices they list are the hourly rates for their plane rentals and stuff, and it doesn't say when class dates are.
12-15K for pace, i Know the ab intino program has 3 classes a year, end of Jan, end of April and end of Aug. So maybe thats the same for Pace.

Go to and ask there, thats where all the mesa pilots and students hang out
Hey everyone,
The PACE program costs about $12000-15000...if I am accepted I will try to do it as cheap as possible. I am thinking I will get a crash pad with a bunch of other broke pilots and we can make big kettles of ramen soup.
There are a few start dates, I believe its 3 or 4 per year although I am not positive. If you call the school you can ask to speak to a student and even though they are working in marketing I believe that give it to you as is. For me, I just really miss flying and even though corporate life pays great, I have to get back in the cockpit. Its more of chasing the dream for me. Anyhow, if anyone is in the Phoenix area drop me a line and we can get a beer, otherwise I will be interviewing for PACE on April I hope to see you there. Good luck and safe flying.
Cool fsiflyer, thanks for the info. I probably would want to start some time around fall 2004 or early 2005. Good luck down there, I hope you post some stuff about your experiences. Enjoy the ramen!
Hey, if anyone gets into the August 04 class, that's the one I'm shooting for. I was in Farmington the last few days hanging out with a few PACE and ab init students, and they all love it. "Crash pad" and "ramen" really aren't necessary, though. My friend is splitting a two bedroom one bath with one other guy, and their only paying about $250 a month in rent. It's half way between the airport and the school. Talked to a guy last night that graduated from the program and is flying B1900s. He only has 240 some odd hours, so that's a little scary.
Well, maybe I'll see you there. Those rental rates aren't bad at all. I've heard farmington is a really cheap place to live, my dad used to live there years ago. Of course I live in one of the most expensive cities in america: $1000+++ for two bedrooms, and $700+++ for one bedrooms, normally NO untilities included. I'll be MAKING money by moving there!!

Do you know what classroom stuff you have to take in PACE? I guess it's just one semester, but is it all aviation classes? (I imagine that is the case since there's no degree or anything given in that program)

That is kind of scary, but cool as well
Great to hear that everyone is looking forward to Mesa. I will be interviewing for PACE April 7th so I hope to see everyone there this summer. Keep in touch so we can all meet up in San Juan. If anyone is in the PHX area look me up...we can get some beer and talk shop.
Classroom stuff for PACE is fairly light but with a LOT of content. Classes are either Mon/Wed or Tues/Thur and two hours long. You have to take an Instrument class (more of a refresher from what I hear), a multi-engine class (take the ATP written and that counts as your final) and a turbine class (all on CRJ systems). Like someone said earlier, you do need a two year degree to get in.