American Flyers?


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Has anyone heard anything, good or bad, about the flight school American Flyers? I currently have my private pilot certificate and about 88 hours total time, all through a small flight school in central Pennsylvania. WIth the way the weather has been lately though, its been tough to get any cross-country PIC time in, let alone any flight time towards my instrument rating.

So I have considered going to American Flyers, where they say I can get my IR in 14 days (which includes a few days for ground. Total, they say I'll get 40 hours of classroom and pre- and post- flight briefings, 20 hours in a Frasca 141 dual simulator, 21 hours dual in Cessna 172 Skyhawk, 10 hours solo simulator lab. It's an expensive program (around $10,000, but I figure its worth it if I can at least get my IR in a structured, fast-paced environment).

Total, this is supposed to take 14 days, and they will work aroudn my work schedule. Fortunately, I work part-time at US Airways Express on Fri, Sat, and Sun, and can non-rev to whatever location I choose to attend, and stay near that location. So I estimate three to four weeks of time.

I figure this way, I can get my instrument rating fairly quickly, and start on my commercial without having to wait for the weather to cooperate enough to get my IR in central PA. After my IR at American Flyers, I'd go back and get my commercial at the Part 61 school I got my PPL at. I just graduated from Penn State in May, and have decided to stay in the area for the time being to work on my ratings while I work part time and keep my flying benefits and make some cash(all while still getting to see my girlfriend who remains at PSU).

My question is...does anyone here know anything about American Flyers? A few pilots I know at work have recommended going there for at least my IR, but I wanted some other opinions from this board. Any suggestions?
I don't know anything about American flyers but 10 K for an instrument rating is a lot of dough. I did mine in SC in 10 days and paid around 3800 including hotel and check ride. If you want the info drop me a line.
I would suggest getting your IR written done first, then look in the back of flight training mag, Flying, or any of the other places, and lok in the back there are dozens of schools that will whip you out in a 10-14 days, I think 10k is about 30-40% more than I would be wiling to pay for a fast-turn.
While I realize 10k is expensive for a program, I think you'll see it is well worth it. Weather won't be a factor as you will be learning in the sim. Then you'll be getting as much actual experience as possible in the airplane. I wish I had done my instrument rating there, instead of just my Instructor ratings. The best part is that at the end, no checkride...just a final lesson.
I got my PPL from American Flyers and i have to say they are one of the most expensive flight school i have ever see. I see no difference between a regular FBO and AF other than their hefty price . It is just the name that makes them expensive They are not worth your money and my suggestion is you try another school.
Why does everybody think they have to go to some place with an ad saying they can crank you out in two weeks. Unless the place you flyout of right now has mantainance problems and everyone of there CFII's are jack offs, you don't need to go to an acclerated school. Get your written done then tell your instructor you want to fly 3 hours a day, 4 days a week. Your a fool if you pay 10g for an IR. You can get an IR anywhere in the country for under 5g.