AME in the Dallas Fort Worth DFW area?


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Howdy fellow pilots!

I am new to this forum I need advises! The last exchanges I saw were dated a couple of years ago, so...

The AME I used to go to (Dr. Bobby G. Smith, in Arlington, TX) for the last 7 years retired, and I need to renew my medical.
Do you know any AME, in the DFW area, that is pilot friendly, and put you at ease (= doesn't stress you more than necessary :) ...)?

Of course, after my visit, I will provide back to the forum my experience feedback!

Thank you again for your help!

As long as there's nothing wrong with you, go to Brad Griffin in Roanoke. In and out in 15 min.
Krass in Bedford. He gets it.

Griffin is "ok" as long as nothing is wrong, if you have anything wrong, go somewhere else.