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Ive been here along time. And done TONs and TONs of research but i still have quetions.

What is the order of all the licenses and ratings you need to become a comercial air line pilot (including Multi Engine instrument Ceritfied flight instructor).

This is the only one i know that goes first so help

Can some one list all of them in order starting from

PPL then....
It doesn't matter what order you get your certificates/ratings in. The usually progression is Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, CFI, CFII, MEI. At FSI, we go Private, Multi-Engine, Instrument, ME Comm, SE Comm, CFI, CFII, MEI. It usually makes sense to get the Instrument before the Commercial so there are no restrictions on your Comm. certificate.
To be an FO technically all you need is Multi-engine, Commercial, Instrument (The order varies depending on how you get the certificates - I did PPL, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-engine).

To be a captain for a part 121 airline add an ATP to those.

If the plane requires a type rating (over 12,500lbs gross, or turbo-jet powered, or required by the FAA for that specific aircraft) then the captain will need to have a type rating for that specific aircraft.

ps - these ratings and certificates are not all called type ratings and you do not need a CFI to become an airline pilot - though you may need it to build enough time to get into the airlines.
Welll thats what i meant by byy CFII so i can build enough time.
I thought i would get the rating for the multi engine instrument certified flight instructor so i could teach almost anyone not just limit myself to CFI.

Thanks for the replies i aprreciate it.