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Has anyone actually seen the planes at Ari-Ben or seen any pictures of them, and how many do they have, are there plans for more?
Has anyone seen the housing?
Should I make the drive to see the school even though at this point they are the front runner(only school I've visited was pan-am)

can't beat that multi time at that price.
And is the instruction quality?


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You should have visited Ari-ben when you were at Pan-Am. It's on the same airfield! It's the little brown building underneath the really big tree. I'll let someone who is currently enrolled in the school comment about the aircraft. I've been there, seen them, been in them and have posted my opinion about them.

There's not much to see. It really wouldn't be worth your time, coming from Louisiana ,if that is the only place you're going. Just sign up and go.


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I visited pan-am in Phoenix over Christmas break because I am originally from Las Vegas, I only attend college in Louisiana.


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Pus... guess we'll have to wait for the widdle girl to get sand out of her widdle eyes.