Air Force Reserve sites?


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Hey guys i've been looking around for sites that you can view open jobs for the Air Force Reserves? The goang site about covers it for the guard, but there are no reserve sites out there that i've found? Please help if you can. I know is a good one, but any other than that? Thanks for your help.
Are you talking about flying positions? If you want info on generic reserve positions, its here . Forget the guard and go reserves! Guard bums have to worry about the Gub'nah funding their action(when they aren't activated for 3 years
). But reservist get paid by Uncle Sam regardless, so there's a lot more money in the pot. This info is all from my guard buddies and my reserve experience.
if you lookin for another source, i purchased a book called "The best kept secret: flying for the ANG & AFRES"...the company is TPK publications......P.O Box 190583, St.louis, Missouri 63199......actually someone else bought it for me from an ad out of ALPA mag, so im not really sure how to go about ordering it now...but its got every guard and reserve base and some contact info for each...some of the contact info was out of date or wrong, so for some units i had to do a little investigating to reach the right person....but theres the title so maybe if you go search for that youll locate it....sorry i cant get more solid contact info for the company, maybe write a letter to that address i listed and theyll be able to help you out...anyway i found it to be fairly helpful in seeing just what units were out there.....
Any other ones as that doesn't give you as much insight as the ang site does???

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Again, what exactly are you looking for. Are you looking for a specific career field or just trying to browse them all? That site has the same stuff the guard site has (chat w/ recruiter, view locations etc), but the layout is a litle different. The only other official site is here
Yeah I was sort of just looking to browse them all! Flight Engineer, loadmaster, pilot, nav, etc. Thanks

[/ QUOTE ] has listing for aircrew jobs. Sorry Doug, just trying to help him out