AF Reserve Pilot Recruiters in DFW are?


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Anyone know the best person to talk to about a reserve flight slot? I think I remember hearing that there was one person that did all of the recruitment in the DFW area and surrounding states but Im not sure. Thanks in advance..Jason
The best person to talk to...probably me or Frogflyer since we just got slots. There are a few others on the boards also. There's a DFW meet and greet on Sunday...if you can make that PM me and I'll try to be there to give you a full rundown. The actual recruiter for our area is:

MSgt Randy Brewer: 817.472.0385. He's in Arlington off I-20 and Cooper.

He will be almost worthless to you until you are sponsored by a unit. If you call him now he will probably not waste his time with case scenario you will go in for some preliminary paperwork and hopefully get scheduled for a commissioning physical at MEPS. I made contact with the guy that used to have Brewer's job (now Brewer's boss) in the fall and his e-mail said, "Great! Call me when you've got a slot."

Read a few of the recent posts on obtaining a UPT slot and PM me if you have any questions.

Until AFRC opens up the "at-large" pipeline again (they'll pick you up and then find you a unit) you're going to need to have a unit saying they want you before a recruiter is going to do anything to help.

I'll be at the meetngreets also, and feel free to holler via pm.