Aeronautical Engineer: job-chances


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Hey guys,

this is the first time i post a thread on jetcareers. In the past, i just was an anonym reader :D. What i want to say first is, that my English is not so well, becaue i`m not a native American, so please don`t care about mistakes in grammar, etc. thx

Now back to buisiness:

Im am 23 years old, born and raised male in Germany. After i did my A-level, i begin to study Aero- and Astronautical Engineering on the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen. Looks like i will finish with a bachelor degree in about 3 semesters or 1.5 years. I ever thought about beeing a pilot, but a constan lack of money dismissed me from the expensive flight schools in germany. I also failed the Lufthansa ab initio assesement center. So i thought the best way to reach the aim i mentioned above is to study first and than, with a good base to collect the different licenses i need. After i finished university here in Germany i want to go to the USA to get a job in the aviation industry. So my questions are:

1. Could i get a green card with a bachlor degree in Aeronautical Engineering? I heard from everbody that there is a big big lack of engineers in the USA but the possibility to get a greencard is realy hard,
because only people who have special, extraordinary knowledge will get a green card. Otherwise i have to try the green card lottery.

2. My knowledge about the salary of an unexperienced engineer starts at about 55000 USD a year. Is this true? Got these facts from a webpage.

3. I want to complete my licenses in a modular way paralel to my work there? Is this possible or does it takes to long?

4. What is your first impression about my english skills. Please give me some feedback

5. And at the end. i want to say thx for your answeres. I hope the wona help me. If you need more information from me to give me a clearer answer just let me know. i will write back soon.