A letter to United pilots


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...not written by me, from the MEC at United.

On Wednesday, the United MEC ratified a letter of agreement with UAL that
will allow United pilots to be offered employment with our United Express
partners, including Mesa Air and SkyWest. We are in the process of working
out the details and will be sending informational packets as soon as they
are prepared and ready for shipment. I anticipate this information being in
your hands no later than the first week of September.

To be eligible for employment with Mesa Air and SkyWest, a United pilot must
be on furlough or have received notice of furlough. Hiring will be
administered by the MEC office. Please do not contact Mesa or SkyWest
directly about this agreement.

The following are some highlights of the Letter of Agreement prepared by the
Negotiating Committee Chairman and her committee.

Number of Jobs - Any feeder carrier that has an agreement with UAL to take
delivery of SJs with a certificated seating capacity in excess of 50 seats,
but not more than 70, must offer 5 jobs per SJ-70. These are guaranteed
jobs, not interviews.

Type of Jobs - At least 60% of the total jobs per carrier must be in the
right seat of a jet, the rest can be in any equipment. The jet jobs are not
specific to the SJ-70 because the carriers have the same pay rate for 50 and
70 seat jets and will likely operate them as a common fleet type. The jobs
will not necessarily be in the carrier's United Express operation.

Pay rates - All pilots will start at 2nd year jet F/O pay rates. Their pay
will remain at that rate until the regular wage scale surpasses it. This
rate is $27-35 per hour, depending on the carrier, compared to new-hire pay
of $17. UAL is picking up the tab for the difference.

Probation - Pilots will be subject to what we call quasi-probation. They
will technically be on "probation," but they will have access to the same
due process as any non-probationary pilot.

Resignation - Pilots will not be required to resign their seniority number
from UAL.

Training Bond Repayment - If a pilot is recalled and owes money to the
carrier as a result of a training bond, UAL will pay the remaining

Good to see them taking care of their ALPA brothers and sisters.
That sounds like good news.. I hope the Foulough'ed UAL pilots get hired soon..

I'm sure there are people who are / will be very upset with this agreement !!
Didn' I post a question on this abour 4 days ago, with no answers?