2003 PlaneBusiness Ron Allen Nominations Now Being Sought


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2003 PlaneBusiness Ron Allen Nominations Now Being Sought

Just another reminder. We think that poor management in this industry needs to be singled out and clearly recognized! As a result, nominations for this year's recipient of the PlaneBusiness Ron Allen Airline Management Award are now being accepted.

Looking at the early nominations, it looks like it is going to be a horserace between two worthy competitors.

That's all I'm saying for now.

To nominate a CEO for this distinctive, er, dubious honor, just drop a note to me at hhegeman@planebusiness.com with your nomination and a reason why you think this person is worthy of the title.

PBB Award for Excellence in Airline Management Also to be Awarded This Year

As I commented on last year, I do believe it is time PBB also recognized those airline CEOs who have made positive changes in their airlines. Not simply those chief executives who have brought despair and ruin to their respective domains.

As a result, this year, in addition to our annual Ron Allen Award, we will also be awarding a special award to a CEO who we believe has done an excellent job in fostering positive change, financial success, and improved employee-management relations at his airline.

For now, the name of the award, and the name of the recipient will remain a mystery.

Both awards, the yin and the yang, will be presented in February.

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