1. PilotScott

    Accelerated CFI program in West Michigan

    A CFI ground school will be offered in Muskegon, Michigan this May (2023). It is an accelerated 10-day program, 9am-4pm. Contact me if you would like to be added to the information email list and have your availability factored into the final dates for the course. For additional details or...
  2. J

    Airacer CFI Needed

    One of our client in KCDW (Fairfield, NJ) is looking for part time flight instructors. Responsibilities: 1. Piper worrier flight instructor; 2. Hold flight and ground training for students. You get: 1. Paid opportunities to build up your flight hours; 2. Extra pay for discovery flights; 3...
  3. ceraphiim

    CFI's needed College Station Texas

    Brazos Valley Flight Services in College Station Texas (KCLL) Easterwood has immediate openings for Junior and Senior CFI's. We are a part 61 and part 141 school located next to Texas A&M University. $30 an hour and with more students than we can handle, you can expect upwards of 85 hours a...
  4. TexanHP

    CFI - 1200 TT, 800 TW (Advanced aerobatics & Warbird experienced)

    Hi! Currently instructing in the Chicagoland area and about to get my multi/com/inst addon in about a month to look for a jet job. If anyone has the need for an advanced aerobatics, tailwheel, or warbird instructor - feel free to let me know. Most of my time is in Extras (300L, 330LX/LT/LC) and...
  5. F

    Flight Training in Arizona (UND)

    Curious as to how many hours one can get at UND's Phoenix base. Went to school at their main base in Grand Forks, but want to get out of the cold weather and into the fire. So that leads me to here, looking to compare hours between schools. They advertise 100+hrs a month, but that could mean...

    ***Flight Safety Academy seeking Flight Instructors! (GAIN HOURS FAST)

    Want to gain hours fast? Flight Safety Academy in Vero Beach, FL is hiring flight instructors immediately! As an Instructor at Flight Safety Academy you can gain over 100 hours of flight time a month plus a possible signing bonus. Flight Safety is looking for many different types of CFI's...
  7. jmunguia

    Monarch Air is hiring CFIs

    Flight Instructor/King Air First Officer - Dallas, TX Monarch Air is a rapidly growing flight department based in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area seeking exceptional individuals to join our team. We carefully hand select all of our team members based on characteristics such as professionalism, strong...
  8. over2departure

    Relocating - Need Suggestions

    I'm about a month away from completing my CFI initial and I'm looking to relocate away from the NY metro area in search of warm weather, cheaper living expenses, and a big student pool. Any suggestions?
  9. B

    700+TT Looking for summer work in FL or NJ

    Looking to get a little experience outside of my daily right rudder script. I should easily have 800hrs by the time the summer months roll around. CFI/CSEL/MEL IR Pvt Glider 700+TT 400+ Dual Given 220 Cross Country 76 Instrument 25 Multi 26 Glider
  10. Coop0114

    Cfi training in Southern California?

    Anybody know of a good place to get my cfi retraining? I took my Checkride in Tennessee and failed and recently moved to California and I just need to get a few hours and maybe a little ground school refresher. And do any flight schools do contract deals where they'll get me my cfi if I'll come...
  11. over2departure

    CFI Binder and the ACS

    Hi All, I'm in the early stages of creating lesson plans for my CFI-A and was wondering if anyone could provide some clarity on how exactly I should be aligning my binder with the ACS? Any feed back would be appreciated from recent CFI applicants on how the ASI/DPE critiqued lesson plans...
  12. C

    Opinions Wanted on Comparative Job Benefits of Flight Safety Acad, Sierra Acad, USaviation, others.

    Comparative Points include: Job benefits, Scheduling, Company Culture, Hourly Wage, Time Off, Office Environment, Safety Measures, and Maintenance of Fleet.
  13. SkyWalker1992

    Sponsored CFI training?

    Are there any schools in the MLB, VRB, FPR, SUA area that offer to pay for your instructor ratings in exchange for X amount of work? I know Flight Safety Academy used to, but they recently suspended the program while I was finishing up my commercial ratings. I got my multi add-on instead of...
  14. Aaron Harrington

    Full Time CFIs Wanted - MD

    Harford Air Services LLC is Currently Seeking Full Time Flight Instructors Harford County airport is a VERY busy airport with a large pilot population. The airport is home to Harford Air Services (flight school and FBO), Skydive Baltimore, Atlantic Soaring, and Barnstormers Aero. We have two...
  15. Stewart Stoll

    CFIs needed! KFTW sign on bonus and career path program available!

    Texas American Flight Academy is opening a new location at KFTW. We need instructors! We offer a sign on bonus, salary, guaranteed 2 days off a week and a career path program that allows you to obtain free additional CFI ratings and transition into our fleet of citation 3s. Our aircraft...
  16. Adam Liston

    500 TT. BS in Pro Flight CFI MEL

    Looking for work that would be outside the CFI business. I am 26 with a BS in Aviation from University of Nebraska. Currently live in Omaha,Ne. Am willing to commute for few days on and few days off. MEL and a little bit of turbine time. Anything out there? I would move to location but my wife...
  17. Stewart Stoll

    TAFA in Addison TX hiring full time instructors

    Texas American Flight Academy is hiring full time flight instructors for our 141 academy. Salary + Hourly hobbs pay scale. Two days off a week. Additional instructor rating incentive program. Please E-mail for further details
  18. Stewart Stoll

    Hiring CFIs Dallas Texas

    Texas American Flight Academy is currently looking for a full time CFI-CFII for our Addison Texas location. Benefits include guaranteed pay + hourly rate based on licenses. Pay progression schedule. Hours in a wide range of aircraft. If interested please E-mail me...
  19. tallpilot917

    CFI looking for a opportunity

    Hello, I'm a CFI, commercial pilot, multi-engine land, single-engine land and instrument rated. I hold about 305 hours (ASEL 163 and AMEL 142) I have a First class medical, a FCC Radio license. I've flown Pipers Archers, Seminoles, Cessnas 172s, 182s, Mooneys, Diamonds and Decathlons. I'm...
  20. Konect Aviation

    Part Time Airplane CFI in Oregon

    We are currently looking to hire a Part Time Fixed-Wing CFI/CFII in Oregon. Please forward this information and get in contact with us if you are interested. Link to full job-description Please email resumes to: Thank you very much