500 TT. BS in Pro Flight CFI MEL

Adam Liston

Looking for work that would be outside the CFI business. I am 26 with a BS in Aviation from University of Nebraska. Currently live in Omaha,Ne. Am willing to commute for few days on and few days off. MEL and a little bit of turbine time. Anything out there? I would move to location but my wife is in law school at the moment or I would be open to moving. Any leads or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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There was a company, in Lincoln, called silverhawk aviation that had an ad out for a king air 90 sic a few weeks ago. The mins were cmel, instrument, and 500tt.

There's also a photo company I believe is called air scout that flies airplanes out of Nebraska city and Norfolk during the summer. But I don't know if they're hiring. @ozziecat35 might know


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The Nebraska routes are usually done by one of our franchises. That being said, it's pretty much all SE Piston. No MEL and definitely no turbine. At 500 hours, I'm not sure you'll be able to expect a lot of turbine time, but best of luck regardless!


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If you can wait until the end of the summer all the pictometry venders will be hiring. That's good time building work that isn't instructing.
The flip side is that summer is drop zone time. Check out dropzone.com and look for a gig that will eventually pull you up to a PAC-750 or a Twin Otter or something.


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I know you mentioned not wanting to instruct, but if you maybe just want to try somewhere else besides CBF (I assume) then LeMay Areo club at Offutt AFB is hiring instructors. Lots of business there and every Friday in the summer they also fly boys scouts all day long out of AHQ for their merit badge. It's paid flying too, not volunteer work. Also LeMay is offering a discount on their beech baron for instructors that want to get their MEI or comm ME if they don't have it yet. $207/hr rental rate I think.


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Send me a PM, I am with a newer aerial survey company (picto) based out of Lincoln/Crete, NE. Not sure if we need pilots for summer depending if we get more work off-season - I will put you in contact our Chief Pilot/Director of Ops and you could talk to him more about it. Right now, work is on and off. We MAY transition to 4 weeks on/2 weeks off (no guarantees as it has not been implemented yet), so that potentially can work in your favor for not moving from Omaha and spending time with the wife. I would say they are most likely hiring next season in August/September with the probability of fleet expansion. You would be ahead of the curve if you talk to CP now.


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4 weeks on/2 weeks off would fix every complaint I had about working for a picto vendor.