1. flywithmyeyesclosed

    Hello boys I’m baaaaaaccccckkkk!

    I used to use this forum when I was younger and ATC was hiring civilians. This was a great place for info and pep talks, especially when you got turned down for an opportunity. I went through the application process like so many online friends that I made here and like so many others, I passed...
  2. R

    Aircraft sales

    I've recently completed Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course. And I've alot of interest in Aircraft sales/Aircraft Engine Sales. Since there's no one in this field from my family or friends I've no idea how to get into this field. Hence, I need your help. Thank you.
  3. B

    My future as a pilot

    I am 18 years old and currently a Business Administration major in college. I do have my ppl from a part 61 and about 65 hours. I have definitely wanted a career in aviation but I chose to do business because I've heard it is good to have something to fall back on if you became unable to fly. My...
  4. thegriffinpages

    Aviation Staffing Companies?

    Does anyone have experience with Aviation Staffing Companies (specifically - STS Aviation Group)? http://www.jsfirm.com/Dispatcher/Flight+Followers+-+Ypsilanti,+MI/Ypsilanti-Michigan/jobID_405372 Should I be looking for "real company" positions or is a staffing firm a good way to get a foot...
  5. Nickk24

    Aviation Comms YouTube!

    Hi all, I'm honestly not sure if this is against forum policy (in which I will understand if it's deleted) but I was just looking for some feedback on a couple YouTube videos I made. It's the same idea of VasAviation in the format of Atc-Pilot comms in emergency situations and other interesting...
  6. ChristophMcLee

    Lockheed Martin is hiring

    Lockheed Martin is hiring "manufacturing employees" for its Fort Worth plant. Interviews expected in August.
  7. N

    Purdue's aviation program

    I am currently a high school freshman, and I was interested in becoming an airline pilot via Purdue's Professional Flight degree, and had a few questions about it: How many flight hours does the professional flight degree offer? Does purdue provide R-ATP? Can you fly anytime to earn more...
  8. Alaska_Melanie

    Chief Pilot for Part-135 Carrier in Alaska

    It's an exciting time to work at Grant Aviation! We're a growing, made-in-Alaska Part 135 carrier known for our strong track record of safety, and for being one of the friendliest airlines in Alaska. We are currently seeking to fill our Chief Pilot position. The Chief Pilot reports to the...
  9. LATech_ADX

    Sheffield tips

    I'm in the June class at Sheffield and straight out of college with my Aviation Management degree and PP certificate. I've been reading all about these threads and which schools, but I just want to see if anyone has a few tips for me before I begin. I've heard "it's fast paced", "take the ADX...
  10. G

    Lewis Aviation

    I'm considering going to Lewis to do my flight training in college. I visited a few months ago and I liked the campus. It's small, but nice. Fairly close to home for me too, but I would still have to stay on campus. Anybody graduate from there and willing to share some inside tips about the...
  11. G

    I think I've found the solution...maybe

    So I'm a senior in high school this year and I have my sights set on flying for one of the major airlines. I've always loved airplanes and took a discovery flight recently and absolutely loved it! I've applied to most of the big time aviation schools (ERAU, UND, WMU, Lewis, SIU, ASU, Purdue) and...