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Masks are not the villain. They are a symbol of fear. They are indicative of a population that is afraid to live a normal life.
I imagine this must be true for you, but it is not for many others. I'm not particularly worried about COVID personally. I also don a mask when I go into stores/restaurants/etc because I would be kicked out if I didn't. I don't actually view it as a "symbol" of anything, just a thing that businesses require at the moment to mitigate risk (or more probably to just make customers feel more comfortable) as best we can while keeping places open. I personally don't really care either way and I don't think a lot of them are particularly effective (i.e. improper wear or your run-of-the-mill cloth chin diaper), but I also would like to go buy stuff I need. I also spent a large part of my young adult life routinely spending 2-8 hours at a time flying while on an oxygen mask, so I guess I don't really notice the injustice.

For what it is worth, I agree with you that things WRT airlines won't go back to normal until society does. Which probably means until masks aren't a thing.
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Wouldnt the onus be on the airport managers and such to make sure the notams go into the FAA system properly or was it an internal system that downloaded the NOTAMS from the FAA? There are other sources for checking the notams too. Best one is FAA NOTAM search. Great thing about it is they put our tax dollars to great use by including robust features such as the ability to filter notams by type and even date/time. It can take an airport with 100 notams and filter it down to 10 truely important ones.
The issue with Unimatic with the FAA notams is that Every FAA notam goes into the system. The assistant dispatcher looks at Every notam coming into the system and makes sure to delete the ones that do now pertain to United. If it does pertain to United then you make a copy of the notam, file it, and also put it into Unimatic with a start and end date on it.
Now for Jeppesen Notams desk, you did the opposite and made sure what pertains to United stays in the system correctly and you have to filter out what no longer needs to stay in the system.
Unimatic is so old that it seems could not deal with new information coming in so they had assistants working on this. Yes we all know you can filter Notams with newer systems or software, just United has been doing it that way for so long that they don't want to change. Change cost money.
Not sure if they put in a new dispatch system (Was looking at LIDO and FWZ at the time). New system would greatly improve efficency.